Vote yes on Piqua school levy

To the Editor:

On Nov. 7, Piqua voters have an opportunity to renew the existing emergency operating levy for Piqua City Schools. This represents a five-year levy initially passed in 2003, providing $2.1 million annually to the district’s current operation budget.

In essence, this is not a new or additional tax. A vote “yes” for the renewal allows the Piqua district to maintain its current funding levels with zero school district revenue increase.

Levy monies in recent years have allowed the district to cover expenses for classrooms, transportation, utilities, building maintenance, supplies, staffing and student program such as field trips. Failure to pass the renewal levy would unfortunately force PCS to reevaluate programs that impact students.

Piqua City Schools has demonstrated itself as “worthy stewards” of taxpayer funds and I would encourage all local taxpayers to vote in favor of this emergency operating levy in November.

— William F. Semanie