Trump tax plan unrealistic

To the Editor:

Borrowing from the following sources, I have to go along with the Washington Post: Paul Krugman, Alicia Parlapiano and Jasmine Lee; Timothy Egan, New York Times, Gail Collins, New York Times, CBO (Congressional Budget Office. Fact Checker Washington Post, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, Howard Glickman (CBPP).

I have to go along with the Washington Post’s view that Trump’s tax reform pitch is entirely divorced from reality and their old refrain that tax cuts pay for themselves. They DO NOT. And the elimination of the estate tax must remain, which is levied only on estates worth more than $5.49 million, $10.98 million for a couple. The idea that the estate imposes double taxation is largely a myth.

By the way, according to Trump (Trump 2005 income tax filing), I could save $1 billion under his new tax plan.

— Jack Caulfield