Support PCS operating levy

To the Editor:

Ken and I are writing this letter to ask for your support for the Piqua City Schools to renew our existing operating levy. By supporting the schools, we are all making a smart investment. The strong return on this investment is evidenced by their past 10 years of operating in the black, as well as being recognized by the Government Finance Officers of the United States and Canada, and the Association of School Business Officials with “the certificate of achievement for excellence in financial reporting.”

We all know how important education is to our community. Great schools make great communities and great citizens. Piqua City Schools has a core of dedicated teachers and administrators who are working very hard to keep costs down and quality at its highest! Every dollar will stay in the district to fund important day-to-day operations.

On Nov. 7, we are being asked to support our schools with a ZERO increase in taxes to the residents of Piqua. It’s essential that we, the voters, take the time to educate ourselves as to the ramifications for our kids if the levy is not passed. Our grandson, nephews and every student in our system deserve the BEST education we can give them.

Please join Ken and I be voting “YES”on Nov. 7. Piqua City Schools students deserve our support. It is the right thing to do.


— Ken and Jean Heath