Thanks for making river float successful

To the Editor:

Thank you to all of the Edison students, professors, administration and my great friends, Scott Phillips and Randy Kirchner, for making this first Edison State Community College River Stewards GMR Float successful. Thanks to my wife, Mary Ellen, for shuttling.

It was wonderful to see first-timers paddle so well and those that have been off the river a while get right back in their groove. We saw wood ducks, mallards, blue herons, kingfishers, turtles, snakes and of course, the beautiful bald eagle!

Everyone was looking through the very clear waters to find a special mollusk that is endangered to see if they could get that $50 from Scott’s pocket. True, the water was low, but it was fun getting our feet wet to get unstuck.

I will report to the DAR/DAB committee on our day at our year end debriefing meeting.

Thanks to all for the help and a tremendous morning.

— Jeff Lange

POWW Founder/Executive Director