Reader thanks workers for disaster relief

To the Editor:

I want to call attention to the wonderful work four young men from our City of Piqua Power System performed in Florida. They left Piqua on Sept. 9, waited three to four days in Georgia until they were allowed into Florida when conditions were right so they could begin to work. The men were expected to be there 7-11 days, but the destruction of power lines was so extensive, they worked until almost the end of the month.

Some may say, “That’s what they get paid to do.” No, they signed up mainly to service our city with the understanding they could be called on in a situation like the hurricane. How gratifying and exhausting it must be for them. While attending the city’s Government Academy several years ago, I learned how dangerous their job is under even the best of circumstances. Thank God for their training and God-given talent they can aid people who are suffering.

I hope the newspaper will run a story about the work they performed, the suffering they must have witnessed and the joy the people experienced when after countless days, even weeks without electricity they finally had power. I’d like to see an entire page of photos they might have taken.

Bless these hard working gentlemen, the thousands of other power employees that were there and their families who were left alone during their long absence. Everyday, we take our electric power for granted and I can’t imagine being without it for long periods like in Florida, Texas and now Puerto Rico.

We should all be so grateful we have been spared such disaster here and for the knowledge we have such talented and dedicated power employees.

On behalf of the citizens of Piqua, a heartfelt thank you!

— Edna Stiefel