Thanks for supporting statue project

To the Editor:

We are very fortunate in Piqua to have a number of exciting events and festivals in our community. One such event is coming up the weekend of Sept. 18 and 19, and that is, the Piqua Bike Fest. This is the second annual Bike Fest in downtown Piqua.

As a member of the Friends of the Piqua Parks I would like to thank the Bike Fest’s committee for their generous contribution to our project, that is, a statue of Piqua’s Medal of Honor recipient, William H. Pitsenbarger. The Bike Fest committee has very generously distributed the proceeds from their event back to our community to worthy projects and institutions. We are very grateful for the $4,000 donation to our noble project for this statue for one of our country’s greatest heroes, William H. Pitsenbarger. The dedication of this statue is Nov. 14, at 10 a.m. at Pitsenbarger Sports Complex. You will be hearing more about this grand ceremony in the near future.

Thank you again to the Piqua Bike Fest committee for their generous support in helping us reach our goal to honor our hometown hero, William H. Pitsenbarger.

— Ruth A. Koon

President, Friends of the Piqua Parks