4-H kids are our future

To the Editor:

With the Shelby County Fair ending and the Miami County Fair looming, there is one constant: The young men and women of 4-H, FFA, and other organizations who work, and work, and work, to present their livestock, poultry, quilts, crafts, cooking, sewing and more for judging.

If you wish to see the heart and soul of this nation, don’t look in the squalid alleys and dark streets of town, look to these youngsters who are raised with honesty and hard, hard work. Remember, perhaps one chicken, or goat, or steer is presented. Many others are being cared for by these youngsters at home.

They are, and have been, the foundation of the fair, not the midway rides and funnel cakes. This has been true for decades, and continues to be.

My first fair in which I covered these young people was long, long ago, starting as a Troy Daily News reporter in 1959. Those young people are now senior citizens, but they were fully as eager and hard-working as those today.

It is a tradition and a sign of much that is good and praiseworthy about this country.

So, when you attend the Great Miami County Fair, or any other fair this year, don’t forget to swing by the stock barns and 4-H events. There you will find the best and the brightest — and hope for our future.

— Larry Huffman