Health care in US needs solution

To the Editor:

The latest attempt of killing ObamaCare came up short and we’re no closer to having a medical plan.

First, the partisan politics has got to stop. With the loose cannon in the White House, we will have enough problems and it will take both parties working together to clean up his messes.

Judging from his first four months, there will be more. What we don’t need is Democrats and Republicans fighting among their self-interest matters. This country has some big problems: Russia, China, Syria, North Korea, ISIS and this is not counting the ones at home.

But, we are ignoring a far greater risk that this will creating, leaving 23 million without heath coverage, leaving possibly 200,000 deaths from the lack of medical care. The USA, the richest and most powerful nation in the world, cannot pay for health care for its citizens, while other countries do. Yes, I have heard of the big one: socialized medicine. Due to the impasse in Washington, we have to look at a one payer solution for all Medicare.

The right and left fence sitters will have to settle this, but it has to be solved.

— Jack Caulfield