Residents react to Congressman’s shooting

To the Editor:

In Wednesday’s horrific shooting of Congressman Steve Scalise and other involved parties at the GOP Congressional baseball practice in Virginia, we see once again that not everyone values the sanctity of human life regardless of differing beliefs or politics.

The leadership of Indivisible Miami County would like to invite our members and other community leaders to join us in denouncing this violent act that resulted in injuries to Congressman Scalise and four others. Ensuring the safety and security of all people, including our members of government, is of utmost importance to preserving the principles of our democracy. We exist in a world where every person is able to have their own views, beliefs, political affiliations, etc. Our right to express these views and to exist in the same space regardless of those traits that make us different is what allows our country to be a model to the world.

This is what our country was founded on and continues to be one of our greatest strengths. Those that rely on hate or violent actions to respond to those who are different than themselves do not represent that strength and such violence will never be rewarded or tolerated. Our thoughts are with our leaders in government and those families directly affected by the incident.

— Lindsay Bohan, Darlene Lindeman and Carol Hess

Indivisible Miami County