ACA repeal needs more publicity

To the Editor:

Congress has voted on probably the most important legislation of the decade that will effect every man, woman, child, in their life’s medical insurance. The GOP has voted to repeal ObamaCare. This is only the first step in a long process that could change our lives in a big way. I am wondering why Piqua Daily Call has devoted so little space in informing us how this played out.

The GOP is trying to sell us a plan that is worse than the one before, which only had a 17 percent approval rating. They haven’t read it, they have no idea what it will cost and they are trying to say it is the greatest thing since sliced bread, with Trump leading the charge. You can trust him, can’t you? Well, the first three words out of his mouth, lower premium, lower copays and covers more people are all lies. But, I would like to know why there is no coverage by the Piqua Daily Call.

— Jack Caulfield