‘Saints and Sinners’ a success

To The Editor:

“To those who have seen us when we’re sinners and seen us when we’re saints and can’t tell the difference.” This was the theme for “Saints and Sinners,” a fundraiser for Piqua Compassion Network. Hosted on April 6, by Kazy and Joe Hinds and Cheryl and Jim Burkhardt with 311 Drafthouse, it was a beer, music and food tasting, all paired to match the theme.

As usual, Joe Hinds was the Master of Music Mix; from “Stairway To Heaven” to “The Devil Went Down To Georgia,” he spun multiple theme tunes while simultaneously streaming videos. He had folks singing and dancing along all night. He shared history about the artists and their songs. Joe’s passion for music, songs and artists is highly entertaining and very informative.

Jim Burkhardt, aka Dr. Beer, had beer prayers and toasts, shared the history of brewing, told beer stories and trivia. Dr. Beer had world class beers for the patrons/“congregation” attending this service to sample because these were unique beers and set the bar for beer styles brewed around the world.

Kathleen and Gregg Wyatt of 311 Drafthouse continue to be supportive and offer their establishment for our community to host events that raise awareness and funds — a big thank you. Thank you for your delicious soul food, and here’s hoping the Deviled Eggs with a Kick make the menu from time to time. Thank you to their staff; Jessica and Molly for helping the evening be a success and a special thanks to Marty — we could not have done it without his hard work before, during and after the event.

Thank you, Mary Frances Rodriguez, for designing our posters and tickets; these were very creative.

Thank you to Tiffany and Ken Shepard for joining us and helping serve the beer and food pairings.

A special thank you to Margaret French, our event photographer, for all the great photos and videos of the evening. Of course, she kept copies for future purposes — all in the name of fundraising, no doubt.

Thank you to our local businesses that helped to promote the event with the posters and word of mouth.

Thank you to the “congregation” for attending the fellowship and fun. With your support, $1,878 was raised for Piqua Compassion Network.

We keep hearing what a wonderful time everyone had and that was our plan from the beginning.

Speaking of a plan — yes, we are already planning for next year’s event.

Thanks again to all.

— Kazy and Joe Hinds

— Cheryl and Jim Burkhardt

aka “Beer Thinkers”