Trump’s ‘machine’ not so fine-tuned

To the Editor:

Trump spends the first few days of his presidency insisting against all evidence that his was the best-attended inauguration in history. In his first briefing, he berates reporters, lies to them, then stalks off without taking questions. Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway said later he was not lying but deploying “alternative facts.” Conway appears on cable news to endorse Ivanka’s clothing line, which the Office of Government Ethics climbs all over that for ethics violation.

And he leaks keep coming from the White House portraying President Trump as ignorant, impulsive and erratic. The first military action authorized by Trump ends in a Navy SEAL being killed, along with multiple civilians and loss of a $70 million aircraft. When his executive order on the refugees situation hits the street, it causes mass confusion and was eventually overruled by the courts.

There are other incidents, but too many to account for. When the acting Attorney General Sally Yates decides that the order cannot be defended in court, Trump fires her. Trump’s choice to be Secretary of the Army, Vincent Viola, abruptly withdraws from consideration. While dining at his Mar-A-Lago Club, they discuss sensitive material instead of going to a more secure place. His choice for Labor Secretary withdraws at the last minute amid allegations of domestic abuse and the employment of an undocumented immigrant.

Of the 696 government positions that require Senate confirmation, Trump has nominated 34 people, 13 who have been confirmed.

Doesn’t sound like a fine-tuned machine to me.

(All facts in this article per the Washington Post)

— Jack Caulfield