20th anniversary production was wonderful

To the Editor:

Tom Westfall’s 20th anniversary production of Music Warehouse was phenomenal! To see all of those adults who have grown up before our eyes come back as mothers, fathers, career professionals with their talent intact was inspirational.

When you realize that one female soloist is the mother of four children including triplets, another just gave birth six weeks ago, one was seven months pregnant and sang “Anything Can Happen,” and a male performer has a successful career on the national stage it is even more unbelievable. They all sang beautifully and the women were gorgeous.

Everyone associated with the production including the young kids starting out and the current high schoolers deserve credit as well as the volunteers who work so hard, but the whole town should thank Tom Westfall for all the effort he has put into making these young people believe in themselves and for giving us all the opportunity to watch it happen. Thank you Tom.

— Jean Wilson Reed