Water, sewer rate hike excessive

To the Editor:

The proposed rates over the next four years are going to be unaffordable for citizens of Piqua, the existing businesses and future growth of jobs. The average income is $38,000 a year and many are below that. We will see many empty properties and losses of businesses. We already have too many now.

I can’t see how these rates of 10 percent water and 20 percent sewer increases every year for four years can be justified. Maybe too many projects are going on at one time or bids are too high. I surveyed surrounding cities and found Piqua is higher now even before these increases those I surveyed run from around $102 to $120 for water, sewer, storm water and refuse.

The costs on a family of four as I figured it will be:

Currently 2016 — $113.88; 2017 — $129.44; 2018 — $147.70; 2019 — $168.07; 2020 — $193.63.

Then add current fees: storm water — $6.70; refuse — $18.43; electric 700kw — approximately $85, not counting Vectren gas for heat.

You do the math; it is scary.

The commercial rates are even worse. How can Piqua grow?

I ask that you to contact the commissioners and get a better solution. Tell them that “The First National Bank of Your Account” is exhausted. A 10 or 20 percent raise from your employer isn’t likely and Social Security had no raise last two years and this year’s raise is only .3 percent and Medicare takes that.


— Chuck Starrett