The real meaning of Christmas

To the Editor:

Why do we celebrate Christ-mas?

It is hard to understand how some people try to deny Jesus and the Bible when all time has been predicated on the birth date of Jesus. When we say 200 B.C., it means 200 years before Jesus. When we say 2016 A.D., if means 2,016 years since the birth of Jesus. It appears like Jesus was an important person that did exist. Maybe we should honor Him as the future King. I believe Jesus will be King in the future.

The Bible, the most printed book in the world, has the most complete history of ages past, than any other history book.

The other outstanding revelation of the Bible is it also predicts the future. To be literate (that’s the opposite of illiterate), it would behoove all to learn a little more about the Bible and what it can tell us about the real meaning of Christmas. It could also affect your future.

Musings of an old man.

— Ralph E. Garber