Will Trump govern or rule?

To the Editor:

Here’s my take on the election. Fifty percent of Americans did not vote for Donald Trump. The other 50 percent has catapulted the country into some kind of giant reality show, the outcome of which is unknown. It remains to be seen if the new president will want to govern or will choose to rule. The fate of America depends on the choice.

The last time Americans handed the keys of the three executive washrooms to the Republicans was due to their buying of a lie that they were living in a hellhole. Yet the country was in an economic surge. Wall Street was setting records. The national budget showed surpluses and not one dime was being added to the total debt. Nine million new jobs had been created. Inflation was low. Interest rates were reasonable.

Within 6 1/2 years the country was on the edge of another Great Depression.

Fast forward to today. America has seen 73 straight months of job growth and economic growth. All those out of work were back. Wall Street is even higher than before. The biggest jump in income in 7 1/2 years was just reported. Inflation has been non-existent. Interest rates are at historic lows. Taxes are at 1950 levels. Twenty million more citizens have health insurance. The cost of medical care has lessened. Business and industry is surging. They are sitting on trillions of dollars in cash.

But again, half of America has bought the same exact lie that they are living in a hellhole.

Where will we be in four years?

Govern or rule.

— Gary Ogg