Flag theft disappoints resident

To the Editor:

At my father’s passing the day before Mother’s Day 2016, I found that the flag pole that he had erected in my mother’s honor on her original farm land that the government seized most of through eminent domain to build I-75, had no flag flying for many years. In this election year and in honor of my mother who passed away 20 years ago, I made a commitment to fly the great American flag once again over her land and her memorial. Our personal family background has always had commitment to the strength and welfare of our country as my father and his brothers were veterans of WWII, to the community and the undergirding of its prosperity and to the people whom our companies have employed over the many years of it’s existence.

I was raised in your small town of Piqua and I am proud to say that I learned great values and basic moral character through my family, my education in the public school system and the devotion of the people of the church of my childhood.

I was shocked and amazed at the audacity of someone or some group of individuals who would trespass on our land, take down the Trump flag that has been flying for just a few weeks below it and steal it. This is an outrageous act of immorality to trespass and steal just because of difference of opinion in political view. I am saddened by people who would go to such great lengths to steal from others and deny them their First Amendment rights to freedom of speech. I hope that you don’t work for one of our companies, my friend. That would be very sad, indeed, for what you do in secret, I am quite sure manifests itself in other ways of everyday life.

Luckily, there are security cameras in the area. I am hoping they will reveal your deed. If you have any morality in your core at all, you will return the flag to its rightful location until the election is done. I am very disappointed in how some individuals in our community have changed to do such a thing.

I am personally committed to making America Great Again … I hope for you, friend, that if you want to be an honorable person, you will right this wrong, and replace my flag and let it fly until all of the nation votes their conscience.

Respectfully submitted,

— Melinda Hartzell Grubbs