Support educators, downtrodden

To the Editor:

Re: “PCS report card a mixed bag” (Piqua Daily Call, Sept. 17, 2016):

The article is very well-written and gives credit to our new superintendent, Dwayne Thompson. He’s a fine man and I wish him well. He faces almost intractable hurdles.

Our demographics are the real problem. Piqua is an old industrial community and our population reflects that.

Many of our children are being raised in financially stressed homes. There are two parents who are both working minimum wage jobs at less than 40 hours. There are single-parent households where one person is working two jobs. There are homes where no one has a job. Despair reigns supreme. Often, the parents have not completed their education because of poverty or other misfortune.

What is the solution? I don’t know except to tell you that every single one of us in our community must pitch in with whatever is in our individual power to do. Hold out our hands to the downtrodden and support educators in their endeavors.

Come on Piqua, we can do it.

— Benjamin E. Hiser