School land valuable for multiple uses

To the Editor:

Since the mid-1950s the Covington Elementary School grounds have been used as a place to fly a kite, walk a dog, slide down a slide, practice athletics, or just meet a friend.

At a community meeting in December 2015, the Covington BOE along with school administrators, presented options for the use of this land after demolition of the elementary building. The meeting was well attended and the options were presented clearly. Some attendees expressed the desire for more practice football fields while others felt the community was in need of baseball/softball diamonds and an upgraded playground for our youth.

It is our belief that our community greatly needs activities for all of our youth. The potential loss of two playgrounds, four swing sets and the only lighted basketball court in town, would be a step backward for our community.

The most cost effective solution includes a new baseball/softball field. A local business has pledged funds to build and maintain the new field at no cost to the school or community. This facility would be extremely valuable. The community currently has over 250 youths participating in baseball/softball with access to only two ball diamonds. This ball diamond could also be utilized by our high school baseball and softball teams. In addition; individuals have volunteered to spearhead fundraising for new playground equipment.

This option would include a full size practice football field, keep/upgrade the current playground equipment on the east side, maintain the lighted basketball court and a free baseball/softball diamond, is a great compromise between the school and community. This solution would have a positive impact on all the youth and still support our varsity football program.

We believe this option is a win-win for our schools and community, especially our youth. Please help save our playground areas by letting your voice be heard. Speak to your neighbors, family, friends and most importantly our school administration. This is an urgent request; the current option of two practice football fields is the leading choice of our board of education. Please keep in mind that our BOE has moved to the high school but the phone number is still 473-2249.

— Ed and Lee Anne Boggs, Roger and Jill Finfrock and John and Deb Weikert