Support even more than imagined

To the Editor:

Over the past seven months the Miami East-MVCTC has conducted a fundraiser for Heifer International. The goal of this fundraiser was to raise money to purchase livestock in third-world, impoverished countries so that they could provide food and fiber to their family and village. Our goal was to raise enough funds for two heifers.

Through the generous support of community members we exceeded our goal by 138 percent. We have been able to donate four heifers, five flocks of chickens, one goat, one pig, and two swarms of honeybees. We are so blessed to support Heifer International and their efforts to provide livestock and environmentally-sound training that will help small-scale farming families become self-reliant.

A special thank you goes to the donators and participants of this program: Mark and Debbie Bell, Pioneer Rural Electric, Kandar Farms, Les Kinder, Brenda Coverstone, Allen and LaDonna Mays, Mike and Katie Jacomet, Matt and Heather Gilliland, Jay and Jill Benham, Dan and Debbie Danielson, Paul and Ronda Hershberger, Tim and Sharon Holzen, Mark and Yvette Vandegrift, Steve and Judy Bruns, Carl and Mary Shoup, Albert and Judy Gross, Jack and Penny Hoekstra, John and Melissa Beal, Kevin and Janell Register, Kevin and Erika Gudorf, Benjamin and Stephanie Goodstein, Levi Long, Brandon and Tricia Fellers, Jeff and Stacy Luthman, Brad and Monica Fellers, Jason and Christina Robinson, Kevin and Mandy Palivec, Jeff Shoup, Mark and Niki Iiames, Seth Iiames, Harold and Amber Furrow, Seth and Kelsey Bergman, Tom and Margaret Bergman, Jeanne Gray, Lee and Jennifer Pettit, Denise Jacquemin, Brian and Kim Redick, Thomas and Mary Ann Bick, Peter and Carol Bollinger and John and Melissa Tucker.

— Nathan Teeters and Hunter Sharp

Miami East-MVCTC FFA Chapter