Trump an interesting candidate

It’s not very often that I delve into the world of politics. Such conversations seem to honestly be a waste of time, effort and energy. It seems like the substantive differences between the two political parties in America seem to be less and less. Both parties seem to be self-serving and work to enrich only themselves. Big ideas and large dreams seem to have left the American political landscape. Perhaps until now.

This past week the American news cycle has been reintroduced to Donald Trump, who has decided that he would make a fine Commander-in-Chief for the United States. With his entrance into the race, Donald Trump has now brought a degree of character to an early presidential campaign that was truly bereft of interesting and compelling individuals.

Regardless of how one feels about Mr. Trump and his ability to lead, he must be recognized as someone with immediate name recognition and a certain unconventional sense of the traditional political way of doing things. There was no clearer sign of that than his own campaign announcement. His entrance into the race seemed to be an off-the-cuff analysis touching everything: ISIS, the economy, China, entitlements. Free-flowing and at time rambling, but it was the quintessential Donald Trump at his finest.

But perhaps the most interesting about Mr. Trump’s efforts is some of the reaction that it has caused. Even among my own friends and acquaintances that are pained to talk about politics, Mr. Trump’s campaign seems to have at least some degree of enthusiasm about his entrance into the race. He is viewed as decisive and courageous. Even those that see him as brash and arrogant feel that kind of swagger and attitude is needed in the White House. It’s an interesting point; could you imagine what a meeting between Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump might look like?

And while it is a long time to the primary elections throughout the states and even a longer time to November 2016, there is one prospect of a President Trump that truly worries me. Nearly every policy item that Mr. Trump has proposed is going to require either the blessings of Congress or perhaps an executive order.

I am going to assume as Mr. Trump goes through his campaign, he is going to better understand and articulate the challenge of working with 435 other elected officials. Throughout his professional career, Mr. Trump has made decisions largely through his own initiative. Sure, he has trusted advisors and wise counsel to help him, but ultimately it was his final decision. Government wasn’t designed to work in such an efficient manner. Government, by its very nature, is meant to be messy.

And if Mr. Trump can’t convince Congress that an action must be taken, he has the gumption and drive to take Executive Action on nearly every policy he wants to enact. He’s the kind of guy that when someone says he can’t do something, his answer is simple, “Just watch me.”

And I wonder if this puts him at odds with his own party. For the last eight years, one of the main criticisms of President Obama has been his use of executive action on myriad issues, including immigration. Republicans in Congress were outraged that the president would take actions that were in complete disagreement of the actions of Congress. Many attorneys general throughout the country were also dismayed by the action that they have filed actions with the Supreme Court trying to limit the president’s power on executive actions.

How will Mr. Trump and even members of his own party react if he uses executive actions to enact his platform if he is elected? Will congressional leaders not protest his actions by conceding he is the President? Will congressional leaders fight President Trump every step of the way?

Perhaps that is what makes Mr. Trump an appealing candidate. By most, if not all, indications, he is going to self-fund his own campaign and he is truly beholden to no one. No one can deny the fact that he is an unorthodox candidate that certainly has the bluster to dream big. Who knows, maybe those dreams of a President Trump might come true.