Editorial roundup

The Marietta Times, March 4

Among contributors to the epidemic of opioid drug abuse was sale of prescription pain pills obtained legally. In some cases, people with no pain at all conned doctors into allowing them to buy the pills, which they sold at tidy profits. In other situations, people were given large supplies of pain pills and were able to sell those they didn’t need.

Ohio officials are working on rules for sale of marijuana to people who may benefit medically from the substance. One recommendation has been to limit the quantity and potency of potency available legally.

Good. The aim clearly is to ensure those who buy marijuana products legally do not sell surpluses to those who want the drug for recreational purposes.

Ohio is moving with appropriate care on medical marijuana — to avoid mistakes made in the past with other drugs.

Online: http://bit.ly/2me9cTD

The (Youngstown) Vindicator, March 4

For more than a decade now, marine biologists and other aquatic experts have made the potential perils to Lake Erie of a supersized enemy fish painfully clear.

For more than a decade now as well, governmental response to the economic and environmental threat posed by the Asian carp has moved painfully slow.

And now, fresh news indicates the administration of President Donald J. Trump appears intent on continuing that slow and dangerous crawl.

The Trump administration this week ordered an indefinite hold on the release of a study and plan to stop Asian carp from reaching the Great Lakes by strengthening a choke point in the Chicago waterway system. The study had been scheduled for public release Tuesday.

Administration officials gave no clear reason for the delay and gave no indication when the study may be disclosed for public review and concrete action. We urge its expeditious release, as time is wasting to minimize the damage of these demon fish…

U.S. Reps. Tim Ryan of Howland, D-13th, and Mike Kelly of Butler, R-3rd, have signed on to a letter of protest to President Trump.

The Trump administration should listen to the congressmen’s plea, release the study and get down to work to blunt the threat.

Online: http://bit.ly/2lSI1ex