Blue lives make OUR lives matter

Mike Ullery - Contributing Columnist

Our paper recently ran an editorial column by a “contributing columnist,” Jill Richardson, who has a problem with “Blue Lives Matter.”

She states, among other things, a list of black men who lost their lives at the hands of police officers. She strongly alludes that the dead black men were killed by officer whose salaries were paid by the deceased. (How many times have you law enforcement officers heard that one?)

I ask, what about the lives of the police officers? What about the lives of innocent civilians that were protected by the officers putting their own lives on the line to protect all of us from thugs?

She speaks of President Obama and former President Bush speaking at the funerals of some of the fallen Dallas officers, but says, “that’s not necessarily the case when cops kill black men.”

To my knowledge, this is the first time Barack Obama has taken the time out of his schedule to attend the funerals of fallen police officers. I do recall that he took time to express his condolences, for a felon on several occasions.

This columnist stated, “Nobody wonders if it is their own fault that they’re dead — because of course it isn’t” Really?

The last thing that police officers want to do is to take another human life. Period. Not only does it cause repercussions at all levels in the community but taking a life, even when left with no other choice, is a terrible trauma for the officer, and his/her family.

Taking the life of another human being is a burden that the involved officer will carry every single day of his/her life. Yet, self-proclaimed experts spend their energy attempting to paint law enforcement officers a uncaring robots who kill at will.

Someone does not have to be armed to pose a threat to the lives of police officers and the public.

This guest columnist stated, “Police departments or unsympathetic journalists dig up old mug shots and petty rap sheets, or any suggestion the deceased might have used drugs or had a record.”

Please forgive the police departments and “unsympathetic” journalists who strive to set the record straight by publishing facts.

People complain loudly about biased journalism in today’s world. More to blame are journalist-wanna-bes who spew unsubstantiated lies about “news,” claiming it to be fact.

Maybe if they took the time to do some research instead of making stuff up as they go, things would begin to change.

As a final bit of proof that this contributing columnist doesn’t have a clue about reality, she states, “So why is it right to say ‘Black Lives Matter’ but not ‘Blue Lives Matter’”? Because our nation already believes that cop’s lives matter …”

Again, I say, REALLY? Tell that to the families of the five Dallas Police Officers killed last week. Tell that to the families of the more than 20 other United States law enforcement officers who have given their lives, in the line of duty, so far this year, to protect our lives.

Mike Ullery

Contributing Columnist

Reach Mike Ullery at (937) 451-3341

Reach Mike Ullery at (937) 451-3341