Editorial roundup

• The Columbus Dispatch, May 22

In his national campaign for president, Gov. John Kasich preached the need for government to provide a hand up to those struggling. Last week, he did just that back in his home state, asking the legislature to remove a barrier that is keeping thousands of Ohioans from college or a better-paying job.

The governor is asking the legislature to open up high-school equivalency testing to competing testing companies. Currently, the state recognizes only the GED, or General Educational Development test, which has come under fire in recent years for its skyrocketing cost and failure rates.

Kasich proposes approving at least two other equivalency exams and having the Ohio Department of Education offer a high-school equivalency diploma to those who pass any of the three tests, the Plain Dealer reports.

This would help Ohioans who have fallen off track, and it would provide employers with a larger base of qualified workers…


• The (Tiffin) Advertiser-Tribune, May 22

Just a few weeks ago, Hillary Clinton and other Democrat Party leaders were chortling with glee at what they called disarray in the Republican Party. Why, with more than a dozen viable candidates for president at one time, the GOP was going to be fractured so badly it could not recover in time to defeat Clinton in November, she and others gloated.

Funny how that proverbial shoe so often switches to the other foot, isn’t it?

Now, Clinton and other Democrats are worried about their own disarray. Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ success in his candidacy for president has startled and angered Clinton and company. Now they are concerned about party unity leading up to November.

In truth, what preoccupied? Republicans for several months was not disarray but instead, the political system working as Americans expect it should. A variety of good candidates sought the Republican nomination for president. Little by little, the field was winnowed down by the primary election process. Now, the party has a presumptive nominee, Donald Trump…