Lingering questions 10 years later

By Gary Felver - Contributing Columnist

Tomorrow will mark the 10-year anniversary of the death of my great nephew, Logan Hess. His death was due to blunt force trauma to the abdomen, and the lack of immediate medical care. His mother, Starr Hess, did not take him to the hospital, even though she knew there was something wrong.

I have spent many hours searching for answers to lingering questions the past ten years. Why did a child that was so full of life have to die at an early age? Why did not one adult that was living in the house at the time speak up and tell the truth about what had happened? And most importantly, how could God allow this to happen?

I have put my emotions into words by writing letters to the editor. My early letters were full of anger and bitterness. As I studied God’s word in search of answers the anger and bitterness subsided. God sent the Holy Spirit to comfort and guide me through the greatest trial in my life.

The answer to the first question is twofold. First, evil exists in this world. People will do whatever is necessary to make “their life” how they think it should be. This is done at the cost of others. In this case it was the cost of a two year old child. Secondly, mothers worry more about their personal life than the welfare of their children. Three children from Piqua have died as the result of child abuse in the past 10 years, all because the child was around an adult the mother was vaguely familiar with.

I cannot answer the second question. It is obvious that the five adults that were in the home do not have a conscience. I often wonder if answers would have come forth if all of the adults were arrested on March 3, 2006. In my mind they were all suspects.

The answer to the last question is easy, God did not allow this to happen. Evil caused Logan’s death. Anger, lust, and poor judgement caused Logan’s death. God’s attributes do not have any of these characteristics. God does get angry because of sin, but God is not anger.

I am going to close this letter with a prayer. Heavenly Father, we give thanks for the blessings of a child to raise, love, and protect; give us the patience and wisdom needed to raise a child; when our patience runs out, give us the wisdom to seek help; we ask your protection from the evil in this world; lastly Lord, help us to seek your Holy Spirit for comfort and guidance, Amen.

By Gary Felver

Contributing Columnist

Gary Felver is a Piqua resident

Gary Felver is a Piqua resident