A test of faith

The following in part is a post I shared on Facebook, but because of my efforts locally in promoting the Randolph & McCulloch Freedom’s Struggle Complex, I felt the need to share it more widely with fellow Piquads and to urge an ecumenical response to the potential for healing and reconciliation through awareness of our “inclusive historical heritage.”

My Facebook Sunday School blog began with “… the title of the lesson today is “A Test of Faith” taken from Genesis 22: 1-14 and the golden text reads as follows: (God) said, Take now thy son, thine only son Isaac, whom thou lovest, and get thee into the land of Moriah; and offer him there for a burnt offering upon one of the mountains which I will tell thee of. (Genesis22: 2)

Test, test, testing 1, 2, 3. Can you hear me now?

Almost every Christian knows something about the story of Abraham and the “test of faith” he was subjected to in offering the sacrifice of Isaac. But few Christians know or understand the test of faith we are being exposed to on a contemporary basis. The church has been and is continuing in a voluntary subjection and perpetuation of America’s original sin of slavery and racism.

In preparing for exams, my students used to ask, Do we have to know this? Will it be on the test? This is “a test of faith” that God is asking of us as His children and students of His word and He is telling us that Yes, we have to know it. I know you don’t want to think about it or have to study in order to act upon it, but you are in fact being challenged to do the right or righteous thing. But are you willing to even take the test or will you become a dropout in denial of the willingness to learn truth. This is not fake news! Here is your lesson! Watch it! Share it and discuss it within your congregations at an appropriate time, and or in fellowship with other houses of worship. Consider even inviting me to come and share.

This is a test for which we will be held accountable! Faith above the religion of national politics!

Just about everyone is aware by now of the latest series of ranting tweets that was directed initially at “The Squad” of four female Congressional members of color, but later placing in the cross hairs of his political ire Elijah Cummings the black chairman of the House Oversight Committee from Baltimore. Many allege the tweets have a racist intent.

But a big part of the problem in our country is that so-called good people don’t want to acknowledge the historical racism of yesteryear and the relationship to the present inequality and disparities. The president in his willful ignorance hasn’t sufficiently studied the history of the United States and/or embraced the Bible with intent to practice the Christ-like behavior it promotes.

But he certainly retains firsthand knowledge of his father Fred Trump’s arrest as a slumlord in Baltimore for violating code enforcements that could have greatly reduced or eliminated “a disgusting, rat and rodent-infested mess” as our now president describes it. Donald J. Trump was the president of the Trump Organization at the time of his father’s arrest and ostensibly it could have been him facing arrest had he been the one traveling to Baltimore to address these housing code violations. The violations were occurring at a time of “white flight” from the city and of course black residents moving in didn’t need the improvements that code enforcement was requiring. Even today in the Trump orbit represented by Jared Kushner and the president’s daughter Ivanka are still living luxuriously, in part, due to their unwillingness or lack of compliance in upgrading the conditions of their slum holdings currently in Baltimore.

I am going to ask you to view and study on YouTube “Billions Stolen From Black Families by Predatory Lending” and then to ask yourself the question, if the president had knowledge of this information, and he surely did, how could he have made the tweets directed at Cummings and the human beings of a darker hue living in that district of Baltimore he too serves, without knowing the racial appeal or dog whistle directed at his base. If you watch this you’ll find that the president is in fact in a position of leadership to change the dynamics that he criticizes and associates with the sole-responsibility of Congressman Cummings. Watch it and let’s see if we can find something we can agree upon.

By the way, our own Piqua Congressman William Moore McCulloch may have contributed to the arrest of Fred Trump and the awareness of the federal government’s complicit role in the racial impact upon blacks and other minorities as a result of his leadership involvement in the passage of the 1968 Fair Housing Act.

Larry Hamilton is a retired Black History teacher at Piqua High School and a resident of Piqua.

Larry Hamilton is a retired Black History teacher at Piqua High School and a resident of Piqua.