American needs to build the wall

By Cassidy Mayse

Guest Columnist

Whether or not the southern border needs a wall is a huge, controversial issue that has been going on for a while now. People debate about how the wall would be a complete waste of money that could go toward other projects within the United States. Other people say it is a huge factor and will help make the United States a better, safer place to live. The past few presidents have mentioned that there is an illegal immigrant problem, but no one has done anything about it until now.

President Donald Trump was the first to act on his statement about the illegal immigrant crisis, but his assumption that the wall will help with the issue is a very good idea. The purpose for building a wall is to keep America safe from the crime that crosses the southern border; drugs and human trafficking are two of the major crimes that occur because of the poorly policed U.S.-Mexican border.

Other countries around the world have built border walls and they were successful in keeping illegals out. Israel has the most recent border wall that has been successful. Most of the illegal immigrants that entered Israel at the time were from Africa. According to Mida, Israel’s border wall brought their illegal immigrant count from around 10,100 in 2012 to almost zero at the end of 2013.

Israel’s wall is about 16.5 feet tall, and in some spots is 26 feet tall, and this wall surrounds the whole country, which is about 153 miles long and cost about $422 million to complete. Mida also goes on to talk about how unsafe the people of Israel felt with all of the illegal immigrants habbitating in their hometowns, some people would even leave the country due to all the crimes that occured from the illegals. The border wall was very successful for Israel.

America’s wall at the moment is about 650 miles long and spans from San Diego to Texas in various spots, and is not continuous. About 300 miles of it stops pedestrians and vehicles from entering, and the other half just protects vehicles from entering with guard rails that are about hip-high. By extending that wall to cover the whole southern border, the United States could possibly bring the illegal immigrant count close to zero, as well as by putting more immigrations laws into the immigration system that is already set.

President Trump is set on the border wall across all of the southern border and he will make it happen. CNN states that President Trump has gone through the longest government shutdown ever and also declared a national emergency to get the funds to build the wall as soon as possible. The funding breakdown was discussed as well, and it added up to $8 billion in total for the wall, but the building of this great American wall is months from construction.

By closing off the southern border it will help in preventing a lot of problems here in the United States. President Trump said, “There is a humanitarian crisis at the southern border as human traffickers victimize countless women and children.”

By building the wall at the southern border it will provide an effective barrier to help decrease all forms of human trafficking and kidnapping at the border. Yes, human trafficking happens all over the world, but the easiest place for it to happen is along the border because of the vulnerable people looking for a better life. Also, by building the wall, the illegal immigrant population will greatly decrease. There is a flaw in the immigration system and because of that we will need to change the laws a little bit, so that the wall will be even more effective in keeping the illegals out. This border wall that Trump will build will also help keep out the drug cartels out as well.

Most people are against the idea of the border wall because they do not believe that it will work for America. The border of Mexico and the US is nearly 2,000 miles and it is difficult to provide security for the whole wall so people think if someone is desperate enough, they will find a way into the country no matter what it amounts to. Now, people even find ways around the border wall by either water, sky, ground, and drone, but the increase on border security should hopefully limit that issue.

President Trump has already more than doubled the border security patrol in hope to limit the illegals. Whether we like it or it not the border wall is going to be built and as President Donald Trump has said, “Without a wall, our border is wide open to human trafficking,” as well as other dangers from the surrounding countries. The wall should be built in order to protect American citizens.

Cassisy Mayse College Credit Plus Student at Edison State Community College