Next stop: The Big Top!

Alex Moore - Contributing Columnist

It’s Circus Day here in Covington! The Culpepper & Merriweather Circus will be in town, sponsored by the Covington Chamber of Commerce. There will be two 90-minute shows at 5 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. Monday, May 14. Each exciting show will consist of high-flying acrobatic acts, horses, dogs, clowns, a lion, and a tiger. So if you haven’t purchased your tickets yet, no worries. You can just show up, buy a $10 ticket, and enjoy the show! One never knows how many more times the circus will come to Covington, so you may want to bring out your kids or grandkids to enjoy an American tradition! Learn more about the Culpepper & Merriweather Circus on their website, And then tell them how much you enjoyed the show by visiting their Facebook page.

Next Sunday, May 20, the Covington Church of the Brethren will host a special service. The Nigerian crisis in Africa will be addressed by a member of the Brethren Volunteer Service during their worship service at 9:30 a.m. The speaker, Pat Krabacher of the New Carlisle Church of the Brethren, is a Nigerian crisis and Haiti volunteer, who recently returned from her third trip to Nigeria.

Mrs. Krabacher will share her experiences in the ongoing humanitarian work in Nigeria, where Church of the Brethren sister churches look ahead to rebuild and overcome the results of years of violence and destruction by Boko Haram, an extreme Muslim organization which works against Western influence in Nigeria. The Covington Church of the Brethren cordially invites the public to join their congregation for this in-depth presentation, a Witness Commission outreach project.

And next in church news, the Covington Christian Church is beginning its fourth year hosting their “Food for Children” program. In several weeks — on Monday, June 4 — children have the opportunity to come to the church at 115 N. Pearl St. for a delicious warm lunch, outside and faith-based activities, friendship, and fun. This program begins at 11:30 a.m. and is for children from age 2 up to 18. Children under age 6 must be accompanied by an adult.

Each week, a child will receive a warm meal at the church and a bag of grocery items to take home for the rest of the week. Only children who attend each week may receive the grocery bag. It is preferred that parents call the church at 473-3443 to pre-register, but onsite registration will also be available. One may also visit the church’s website at for the registration form.

This program serves the Covington school district only, so please bring proof of address, like a utility bill, in order to register for the program. Food For Children runs each Monday throughout the summer, concluding on Aug. 6. Funding for this program is generously provided by the Covington Community Chest, Covington Christian Church, and the donations of many generous Covington residents. Your support is appreciated!
Next stop: The Big Top!

Alex Moore

Contributing Columnist

Got Covington news? Contact columnist Alex Moore by calling (937) 418-8884 or emailing

Got Covington news? Contact columnist Alex Moore by calling (937) 418-8884 or emailing