Soldiers still in Afghanistan for good reason

By Josh Daniel - Guest Columnist

Is keeping soldiers in Afghanistan for this long a good idea? To answer this question in short, yes it is. The war on terror began all because of the malicious terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001. President Bush then declared war and it is still going on until this day. Many have questioned whether or not the United States has any good reason to stay over in Afghanistan any longer. There are three main reasons the Americans should keep a stern force in Iraq. First, is that the American soldiers are training Afghan soldiers and are essentially, rebuilding the country. Second, this nation needs our soldiers there in Iraq to have an answer to Isis. Third and finally, the United States have went through this same problem back in 1945 after World War II. We pulled out our soldiers and within the next seven years they were headed back due to the concern of the Korean war. These three reasons all clearly lay out why the United States troop have to stay in Afghanistan to ensure the safety of America.

Without the American forces in Afghanistan the country would be over run and in pieces. The United States militaries main goal is to build something successful with the Iraqi soldiers but something that will last. Because of the American troops training, the country is better equipped for the threats of Al Qaeda and Isis. Not only are the US forces training other soldiers but they are also doing work throughout Afghanistan in the places that used to be a warzone. The United States have helped rebuild things like schools, hospitals, and bridges. All these are things that they contributed to destroying due to the war. The soldiers continuing presence in Afghanistan not only is training soldiers and rebuilding buildings and bridges but their presence is piecing the country back together. Keeping the forces in Afghanistan another day is another day of them repairing the country.

With a nation as successful and impactful as America there are going to be rival nations attempting to overtake it. One of the more recent risks to the country is the growth of Isis. Isis began in April of two thousand and thirteen in Syria and various parts of Iraq. With a group as malicious as Isis it is imperative that the United States has forces over in Iraq to keep them at bay. The attacks on nine eleven were originated and planned when there wasn’t an American presence in Iraq. The goal of U.S troops would be to keep a firm grip on Isis and not allow them to attack America or allow them to take over several spots in Iraq. The United States has to leave their troops in Afghanistan because of terrorist groups such as Isis, always being a threat. Without the American presence Isis would run free wreaking havoc and destroying all the progress the US soldiers have made throughout the years.

The third and final reason the Americans need to leave soldiers in Afghanistan is because we encountered in 1945 with World War II. In May 1945, there was an urgency to bring the troops home. This bringing soldiers home was called, “Operation Magic Carpet.” They completely pulled the troops out and within the next seven years the U.S troops were back in Germany due to risks of the Korean war. Once the early 1950s came around the United States had about 75,000 troops in Germany. As the years went on, this number grew to around a quarter of a million soldiers. This example is one the American government should note. Our past as exemplified by the war with Germany, without an American presence wars are bound to begin. This historical story from World War II exemplifies another reason why the Americans need to keep their presence in Afghanistan.

America is arguably the most influential nation in the history of the world; Not only financially or politically but in terms of military force. The United States has put forth much effort keeping the war under control. These efforts include keeping the troops over in Afghanistan. The troops have been training soldiers and repairing schools and hospitals that have been destroyed. The soldier’s presence is a great answer to the uprising of Isis and the threat they present. Finally, the American people have an example of what not to do as based upon the end of World War II. The best thing the American people can do is recognize that we need the soldiers in Afghanistan to preserve our safety. Instead of arguing and causing conflicts, we as a people should unite behind our government and military; supporting them as they are overseas protecting our freedom.

By Josh Daniel

Guest Columnist

Josh Daniel is a resident of Troy and a student at Edison State Community College

Josh Daniel is a resident of Troy and a student at Edison State Community College