Support for Davidson … and other thoughts

Alice Caldwell - Guest Columnist

I sincerely hope that you have read the article written by our congressman, Warren Davidson, who serves Ohio’s 8th District. It was printed in the Thursday, Nov. 17, 2016, Piqua Daily Call. The title of his article is “New tax threatens family farms.” I have taken a few of his comments from his article.

“What is your American Dream? Unfortunately, the American Dream is being dismantled by business strangling taxes and regulations … The latest assault on the American Dream is a new regulation announced by bureaucrats at (then) President Obama’s Department of the Treasury. They want to increase the death tax on family farms and businesses.

“Allowing the IRS to change tax rates, and pull more estates into the death tax trap is like letting the fox guard the hen house.

“As a small business founder and owner, I (Congressman Davidson) can say with certainty that those who start their own farms or businesses don’t do it to hand off 40 percent of their life’s work (in a death tax) to the government.”

By the way, Hillary Clinton believes the percentage should be 65 percent in a death tax to the government! That’s right — 65 percent. Hillary, Hillary, what are you thinking? I hadn’t heard that you didn’t like to eat.

At a 65 percent death tax to the government, Hillary would find our farmers had immediately parked their tractors. All of our farmers are some of the most respected men and women in our land. Many of us have seen firsthand the kindnesses extended to other farmers who perhaps are experiencing a tough time in their life.

I believe Congressman Davidson wants to do his best for our 8th District. He has an office in Troy at 12 South Plum St., and urges you to call him at 339-1524. In October, he introduced the Protect Family Farms and Businesses Act (H.R. 6100) to halt the Obama Administration’s backdoor tax increase. It will prohibit the new Obama Administration’s rule, or any like it, from going into effect. I believe we need to find out more about this act (H.R. 6100). A companion bill has been introduced in the Senate by Sen. Rubio. Even though Hillary has lost (yes, Hillary, you DID lose) the election, we must keep on top of this 65 percent death tax. Why? Can we trust Hillary?

I’ve just learned that Congressman Davidson will be holding mobile office hours in several of our towns. They will be held on the first Thursday of each month. The first meeting will be Thursday, March 2, at the Covington Village Hall, 1 S. High St., at 10:30 a.m.

Congressman Davidson will need to be in Washington, D.C., a great deal of his time, but his Troy office assured me that they will relay our messages directly to him.

I have thoughts about the following:

• Late in September, President Obama allowed at least 10,000 people into the United States. I wonder if they voted Nov. 8, 2016? If they voted, where did they vote? Did they have real citizenship papers?

• What does the far future hold for our young people, clear down to the babies? Will we still (both Democrats and Republicans) be fighting overseas? What are we fighting for? Will we finally have peace? Every one of us want all of our families to have a fun and carefree childhood. Is that too much to ask?

• President Obama pardoned several harden criminals from Guantanamo Bay. Did they vote Nov. 8? Where are they now?

• Does anyone really know how many people are in the United States? My personal opinion is that there is no way the census count is accurate. It changes hourly.

• I understand we are almost $2 trillion in debt to China. How much interest have we already paid China and how much do we estimate we will pay in the future? What will we do if China has a disaster and needs that trillion dollars back as soon as possible?

• There is a nighttime television show with Stephen Colbert that should have been taken off the air months ago. He is the most cruel and evil show host ever. After Mr. Trump became President Trump, I believed this disgusting respect would end. He has not stopped and no one is stopping him.

Alice Caldwell

Guest Columnist

Alice Caldwell is a resident of Covington.

Alice Caldwell is a resident of Covington.