The Piqua money blessing

John Fry - Guest Columnist

Behold! This strange and boring topic of economics: Money in our pockets! It affects us all yet remains hidden behind a mysterious curtain. Destroy small business, de-industrialize American, NAFTA, and the monopolization of business (worldwide!).

Does anyone in our dear small town, ever consider how damaging this new form of capitalism has become? Our generation, right now has witnessed NAFTA, the political plan consciously and meticulously laid in place, perpetrated by Big Business (who influence our elected leaders) to close our factories and end our jobs — by the millions! Foreign products now have taken over our shelves, Walmart, Home Depot, THE BIG BANKS! And the monopolies are happy! But we locals are receiving less and less, being taxed more and more, and low and behold they pass an internet tax! They just can’t get enough of your money.

But what about the old days, when we built quality things in america, and received quality wages? A word called protectionism is not taught in school anymore. It protects jobs and wages! When I heard Trump speak of this in his very first speech — announcing his run for office — I was elated.

So, all our money goes into the pockets of the CEOs of the monopolies, keep your eye on the money — the big bankers … follow the money. In return, we get cheaply made goods, and we don’t even make the products here. The overall picture is pretty destructive. Though the silent beasts remains illusive and quiet, unopposed … until now.

President Nixon said something to this effect: “We can buy steal for our railroads in Great Britain … then they get the money and we get the steal. Or we can buy the steal in America, then we get the steal and we get the money.” The miners profit, the business who mines profits, the American idea profits. This is such a great quote to easily understand the money movement.

Like Trump has announced the unemployment rate, the mass media likes to boast about is a massive lie. “Do not believe it,” he says, and he’s absolutely right. The statistics on that study are so cooked it’s a joke. I’ts no secret they stop counting people who have been unemployed for a long time (discouraged workers). They actually do not count people who can’t find work. So tell me how that’s a sound statistic? But clearly this 4.7 percent unemployment lie is what they want us to think. You can figure out why.

Hang onto your shorts! I propose a method whereby Piquans (you and me) will see the greatest benefit. We make a conscious effort to do business with PIQUANS who run small businesses. That money which you will spend regardless will benefit the store owners (Piquans) and the employees (Piquan’s) and they will do likewise, make a conscious effort to buy Piquan only. The circle continues to bless Piquans. Failure to follow this plan of local protectionism will put more money in the CEOs pocket from Wall Street, and the rest of the money goes to pay the Chinese workers who made the cheap goods. Who transports those goods to America? I bet they’re happy. I recall the Rothschilds owned all the ships except prior to the sinking of the Lusitania, which we know now exploded from the inside (as seen by the divers).

So it’s simple. Our politicians sent our jobs overseas with NAFTA under the guise of free trade. Bush Sr. wrote it and Clinton signed it; it seems these people have a blueprint, and what they get going, eventually passes — against our interests! But someone’s making out huge … not us.

So we can outsmart this misdeed and buy only Piquan. Buy ONLY American! Buy only from your local small businesses, better quality, better customer service. They will be thankful and actually care! And most important the money circulates in Piqua! It continues to bless us —. Piquans! Exponentially, in fact. So think about it.

Let us try and grow together, develop Piqua together and boycott the best we can, the Wall Street monopolies. You may not see results right away, but there’s something gratifying about helping our neighbor. So do one good deed a day, and remember this plan. Our morality, with a united effort, will bless Piqua for a long time to come.

Now a word from our sponsor:

“Citizens by birth or choice of a common country, that country has a right to concentrate your affections. The name of American, which belongs to you, in your national capacity, must always exalt the just pride of Patriotism, more than any appellation derived from local discriminations.

“[A] tribute … is due to the talents, the rectitude, and the patriotism, which adorn the characters selected to devise and adopt [the Constitution]. In these honorable qualifications I behold the surest pledges that as on one side no local prejudices or attachments no separate views, nor party animosities, will misdirect the comprehensive and equal eye which ought to watch over this great assemblage of communities and interests; so, on another, that the foundation of our national policy will be laid in the pure and immutable principles of private morality.” — The Honorable U.S. President George Washington

Next stop: getting our rights back!

John Fry

Guest Columnist

John Fry graduated in 2003 from Piqua High School, served honorably in the U.S. Marine Corps, including a tour of duty in Iraq, and is now preparing to become a law student.

John Fry graduated in 2003 from Piqua High School, served honorably in the U.S. Marine Corps, including a tour of duty in Iraq, and is now preparing to become a law student.