Blaming guns not the answer

To the Editor:

Some of the solutions suggested in (yesterday’s) opinion page have merit, but the only ways to protect our schools, are to remove the “Gun-Free Zone” signs and replace them with well-trained armed guards. We do it in airports, government buildings, and politicians who are considered important have bodyguards who are armed. Are not our children at least as important?

Then, we need to go back to committing those who are known to be insane, and a danger to themselves and others, to mental institutions. Barriers that prevent dissemination of knowledge of those walking around free, but who might pose a problem, need to be removed. After all, this has already been done with sexual predators, has it not?

To blame the gun for killing is insane. The shooter is to blame. Take away guns and nothing is solved. There are far more deadly means to maim and kill that will always be available to those who wish to destroy. Common, every day items that can be found in most homes, and few are as expensive, and are far easier to find than an automatic weapon.

Don’t forget, being insane does not mean you are stupid! Unless they are locked up, or otherwise controlled, the crazy among us will find a way.

— Tom Fenner