Blevins got it right

To the Editor:

Vivian Blevins hit the nail on the head in her editorial “Ordering flowers can be a thorny experience.”

Being a flower shop owner, I can attest to everything that she said. For the most part, the 800 number flower shops are only an online service with a call center. They do not arrange the flowers or even know what flowers look like in some cases. They just read from a script with no attention to the time of year and what might be the best choices. Many of the flowers specifically requested are not in the shops where they are asking that the arrangements be sent from.

Small shops such as ours do their best to make sure that each arrangement goes out looking fresh and beautiful. When we are commanded by one of these services to provide specific flowers and specific number of stems, we are at the discretion of someone who has never made an arrangement. There are times when I have been embarrassed to send out an arrangement ordered through one of these services, but have done exactly as requested. Are you aware that almost every arrangement requested is a one-sided arrangement with no flowers in the back of the arrangement?

Check prices. A dozen roses arranged in a vase in Piqua is probably under $50, with a very small delivery fee. When we get an order from one of these services, the price of a dozens roses is usually more than $75, with a $10 delivery fee and a relay charge by the order taker. A dozen roses can be nearing the $100 mark. The same is true of everything sent.

Bravo to Ms. Blevins for seeing the online services as they really are. It is always better to talk to a local florist and pay them directly with a credit card. You will get the freshest flowers at a fraction of the cost.


— Don Smith

Allisten Manor’s Flower Box