Customer service in city service

Gary Koenig - Guest Columnist

My name is Gary Koenig. I am running to be elected mayor and 5th Ward City Commissioner for the city of Piqua on Nov. 3. I have started my campaigning. I am having discussions with fellow citizens about the future direction for the city of Piqua. If elected Mayor, I will represent the citizens of Piqua as we go forward with the goal of “keep raising the bar.” In this article, I would like to focus on customer service in city services.

Personally, I am grateful for the work of the city employees. For example, as we approach the winter season, the services provided by the road crews come to mind. I don’t always see the road crews; however, I know they have been in the area since the road is salted, and I am able to keep control of my car. I am not sure how they could do a better job, and I am very pleased with the service. I have not missed any work (unless the roads were closed due to snow emergencies) over the years due to untreated roads in town. Is there an opportunity to “keep raising the bar” in the streets department? Are there opportunities to improve customer service in Piqua?

Customer service is getting back to the basics: first impressions matter, courtesy counts, attitude is everything, and it is important to do the right thing. High performing organizations internalize the basics of customer service. The result of a customer service focus is support and commitment to accomplishing the organizations goals.

The city does a great job; however, let’s look at giving customer service a “shot in the arm.” Is there an opportunity to do a better job? A focus on how to improve customer service will result in changes that help citizens.

I think it is a valuable use of time listening to the customers in the city service areas (water, garbage collection, street cleaning, fixing potholes, etc.), evaluating the feedback and developing plans to improve the level of service. This type of activity does not result in an increase in the cost of city services. It redirects the existing resources to address what is important to customers which are constantly changing over time. The city of Piqua has an excellent resource of an “Online Service Request” System to request information, submit requests for service, or submit comments for review at Additionally, citizens may email the mayor or address the customer service concerns at the Piqua City Commission Meetings. Citizens’ feedback is critical to maintaining outstanding customer service. These resources are excellent methods.

One of the goals that I have when elected is to maintain and promote responsive customer services (Power/Police/Fire/Utilities/Administration). There is no greater use of time than gathering citizen input, evaluating the feedback, and developing plans to improve the level of customer service in Piqua.

“Keep Raising the Bar.”

Vote for Gary Koenig for mayor and 5th Ward city commissioner on Nov. 3.

Gary Koenig

Guest Columnist

Gary Koenig is a candidate for the city of Piqua Mayor and 5th Ward Commissioner in the Nov. 3 election.

Gary Koenig is a candidate for the city of Piqua Mayor and 5th Ward Commissioner in the Nov. 3 election.