Secret to a better life?

By Kalob Watkins

Transhumanism, a controversial and interesting topic, could save the world from many things. It could lead the world to think smarter and faster. It could also make us live longer and happier lives. It could lead us to be able to take full control of our minds making us able to indefinitely remember things we enjoy and completely forget anything we don’t want to remember. Transhumanism could make us who we want to be and be able to remove anything we don’t like.

Technology has caused major changes throughout the human race. It has made us able to multi-task and produce things much faster than before. Transhumanism is the science of combining the human body with technology to improve many parts of ourselves. Transhumanism seeks to this as well, but there is one major difference. Transhumanism seeks to do this in your mind and body instead of in factories or computers. It will make you able to do all of the things a calculator can do but in your head.

When taken to the extreme transhumanism could make your eyes display the trajectory and movement path of a ball before you ever even throw it. This indeed could be used to cheat in various scenarios such as sports or college exams but when it comes down to it if we actually reach that level of technology and it’s in public hands then the majority of people would have and be using those skills.

Within the work force, a transhumanist would be at the top. They would be able to do more and get it all done more efficiently. This would push for more people to become transhumanist. Leading to people living longer and throughout their life almost always being in peak condition. This could make many people more happy and able to do whatever they want to in life.

This does not mean however that for things such as the Olympics participants would not have to train all of their lives or for jobs in Science or Law you would not have to attend school for many years. This is because we would still need to be taught and we would still need to earn our diplomas. Likewise the years of school and training will be made much easier through transhumanism.

An important part of transhumanism is to remember that it is expanding our control of ourselves. We would be able to expand our memories and control what resides in them. We would be able to learn things and never worry about forgetting how to do them. If you ever had a traumatic experience that you never ever wanted to remember again you could delete it like junk mail in your email. The expansion of our memories could lead to better solved crimes and putting fewer people in jail that don’t deserve it. This could however be used against us in cases of brain washing but if we were to think of it as if our minds were computers, we could easily make an external backup of our entire brain.

The combination of technology and body could lead to many crazy and amazing things such as taking pictures and videos with your eyes to share with your friends, or being able to play video games or read books without ever physically touching a controller or book. Transhumanism could lead to extreme virtual reality in which you are mentally removed from your own body and put into the game world.

Though many people fear that things such as this could lead to detachment from humanity or cause people to forget about reality so that they may just live in the virtual world this would be impossible due to our bodies needing nourishment making so that if certain bodily things are required we would be pulled out of the virtual worlds without worry.

In conclusion, transhumanism can be used and advanced in many ways to improve the human race as a whole. Though there is still much that is unknown about transhumanism the movement continues to grow and develop becoming safer and more advanced with every discovery. In the end, transhumanism will have its ups and downs just as any other movement does. Transhumanism has great potential and if done correctly it has the ability to change the world forever.

By Kalob Watkins

Kalob Watkins is a student at Edison State Community College

Kalob Watkins is a student at Edison State Community College