Thank you for your service Sheriff Cox

Sheriff Cox,

First of all, thank you. The polls open in just one hour and here I am on the eve of the election having yet to find my bed since the previous night. Despite this, I have just finished the last of my campaign duties for the sheriff-elect. With a change in the political winds, I am both perplexed and optimistic at the certainty of uncertainty.

Having grown up in the political arena as the son of the county prosecutor I have had the privilege to be exposed to notable men and women in public office, business, and the private sector.

Sheriff Cox is one of those inspirational and valiant personalities. Sheriff Cox has served for decades having never wavered in his conviction or integrity.

I’ve grown up witnessing firsthand his ability to make the tough calls all the while staying impartial and empathetic. However, one of the things that always has impressed and resonated with me is his “give em’ hell” attitude, no obstacle was ever too great and/or insignificant to take it head on.

The older I get the more frequently I find that my heroes turn out to be mere humans. Sheriff Cox, however, has yet to lose his shininess. He is one that remains on the shelf with my dad and grandpa. Year after year his consistency remains constant.

Sheriff Cox, thank you doesn’t even begin to cover my admiration for you. Thank you for your selfless service and for being such an inspirational role model.

Jordan Kendell