Brookfield Relocation Inc. to Ashley Whiteman, Nathan Whiteman, one lot, $169,500.

Nuwan Dantanarayan, Penny Lane to Brookfield Relocation Inc., one lot, $169,500.

Ann Moeller, Robert Moeller to Brenda West, one lot, $176,000.

Diane Anderson, Edward Maurer to Thomas Budde, Tina Budde, one lot, $209,900.

Matthew Bayman, Rebecca Bayman to Jennifer Stradling, one lot, $86,500.

Estate of Ralph Avey to Rosabelle Avey, one lot, $0.

NVR Inc. to Amended and Restate Trust of Leon Ridley, Leon Ridley, trustee, one lot, $375,000.

Danette Gioello Revocable Living Trust, Danette Gioello, trustee, Richman LLC to Yu Yang Shang, Dehua Wang, one lot, $276,500.

Meijer Stores Limited Partnership to GZD Troy Ventures LLC, one lot, $443,100.


Brittany Bates, Casey Bates to Bates Properities and Management LLC, one lot, $0.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., Felty and Lembright Co. LPA, power of attorney to Kendra Brunswick, Jonathan Frazier, two lots, $0.

PAJ Enterprises to Jason Byers, Alyssa Miller, one lot, $85,500.

Robert Martin Jr., Sheri Martin to Dylan Starbuck, two lots, $0.

Joy Brown to Joy Brown Revocable Living Trust, Joy Brown, trustee, $0.

Craycon Homes Inc. to Lucinda Lumpkin, Michael Lumpkin, one lot, $196,000.


Christine Correll, Jason Correll to Catrina Guthrie, Derek Guthrie, one lot, $142,500.

Barbara Rench to Elizabeth Taylor, Mikel Taylor, one lot, $225,000.

Estate of Jerry Lee Cleckner, Matt Thomas Cleckner, executor to Debra Gillette, Richard Gillette, one lot, $90,000.

Chris Weir, Jennifer Weir to Chris Weir, Jennifer Weir, four lots, $0.


Allen Peeples to Lisa Elliott, three lots, $0.

Marilyn Brumbaugh Intervivos Trust, Marilyn Brumbaugh, trustee to Douglas Swindler, one lot, $81,500.


Diane Ditommaso, co-successor trustee, Viola Young Revocable Living Trust, Deborah Windell, co-successor trustee, to Billy Dezarn, Thelma Dezarn, two lots, $157,000.

NVR INc. to Edward Craft, Mario Quiroz, two lots, $410,800.

NVR INc. to Scott Chapman, Tamara Chapman, two lots, $292,300.

Inverness Group Inc. to Aydyn Mamedaliyev, two lots, $342,200.

Inverness Group Inc. to Dalvir Saini, Sandeep Saini, two lots, $229,300.

Inverness Group Inc. to natalia Rybas, Sergey Rybas, two lots, $282,300.

NVR Inc. to Jamey Elms, two lots, $232,200.


Estate of Clare Weaver, James Weaver, executor, to Chad Whitacre, Shannon Whitacre, two lots, $118,500.


Matthew Storch, Nicole Storch to Ohio Real Estate Guys Inc., one lot, $53,000.


Estate of Rose Mary Heffner to Donald Heffner, successor trustee, Rose Mary Heffner Living Trust, one lot, $0.

Douglas Garber, Kristina Garber to Robin Jakell, Scott Jakell, one lot, $215,000.


Carol Croop, Harold Croop to Carol Croop, Harold Croop, 1.358 acres, 3.428 acres, $0.

Brenda West to Jamie Bommershine, Jared Neely, one lot, $132,000.

Mary Lynn Davis to Beth Kazer, Philip Kazer, $540,000.

Audrey Brewer, Ronald Brewer to Gregory Brewer, trustee, Ronald and Audrey Brewer Irrevocable Trust, $0.


Diane Mohler to Jonathan Will, Stephanie Will, 5.4 acres, $320,000.


Charlene Schauere to Anthony Burns, Ashley Burns, 3.1508 acres, $170,000.