Real Estate Transactions


OPRS Communities to Megan Nickels, one lot, $129,000.

D’Anna Stekli, John Stekli to Kevin Alexander, Nichole Alexander, one lot, $195,000.

Cheryl Berryhill, Robert Berryhill to Cheryl Berryhill, Cortney Berryhill, Robert Berryhill, one lot, $0.

Mary Wion to Julie McMiller, Scott McMiller, one lot, $37,800.

Hidy and Hidy LLC to Stradling Properties, one lot, $1,475,000.

Miami County Sheriff’s Office Sheriff Charles Cox, Donald Kline, Nancy Kline to Fifth Third Bank, three lots, $60,000.

Erick Farrier, Nga Farrier, Wanda Richie to Frederick Stewart, one lot, $0.

Jeffrey Robinson, Margaret Robinson to Aaron Crabtree, Antoinette Crabtree, one lot, $175,000.

Donna Sevitts, Reed Sevitts to Chad Hurley, Michelle Hurley, one lot, $224,500.

Cixia Jin to Robin Evans, Caizia Jin, one lot, $0.


Jeremy Bubeck, Sarah Bubeck, Sarah Sparke to Dylan Rodriguez, one lot, $100,000.

Jimmy Smith, Kathryn Smith to Jimmy Smith, Katheryn Smith, one lot, $0.

Connie Usserman, James Usserman to Timothy Evans, one lot, $0.

Tamara Smith to Timothy Evans, one lot, $0.

Jacquelyn Leggett, John Leggett to Denise Leggett, one lot, $0.

Teresa Cole, Willard Cole Jr. to Levi Cole, Samantha Cole, one lot, $50,000.

Benjamin Ogg, attorney in fact, Wells Fargo Bank N.A., to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, one lot, $0.

Kandice Darner, Michael Darner to Kandice Darner, Michael Darner, one lot, $0.

Cathy Townsend, Frank Townsend to Perry Townsend, two lots, $100,000.

Jeanette Pence to Aaron Downey, one lot, $45,000.

Deanna Slife to David Cummins, one lot, $65,900.

Miami County Sheriff’s Office Charles Cox, Casey Lavey, Jacqueline Lavey to DLJ Mortgage Capital, one lot, $53,000.


Bonnie Gray, Michael Gray to Bonnie Gray, Michael Gray, one lot, $0.

Jenny Long, Kelly Long to Harley Weldy, Kathie Weldy, one lot, $147,000.


Juanita Petry to Meagan Dunn, Robert Dunn, one lot, $175,000.

Jeffrey Peters to Cheryl Peters, one lot, $0.


Carriage Trails at the Heights, Dec Land Co. I LLC to NVR Inc., two lots, $32,500.


Gloria Honeyman to Robert Honeyman, three lots, $0.


Julie Penny, Richard Penny, David Reintjes, Shawn Reintjes to Robert Kretzer, one lot, $112,000.

Miami County Sheriff Office Sheriff Charles Cox, Rick Miller, to Magton Properties LLC, one lot, $128,000.

Estate of Norman Stickel to Joyce Ann Stickel, one lot, $0.

Karen Vance, Martin Vance to Heather Komon, Leonard Komon, four lots, $280,000.


Brenda Wilmoth, Steven Wilmoth to Brenda Wilmoth, Steven Wilmoth, one lot, $0.


Paul Weintritt Jr. to Priscilla Hamilton, Paul Weintritt Jr., $0.

Harrietta Sommer, trustee, Robert Sommer, trustee, Sommer Joint Revocable Living Trust to Harrietta Sommer, Robert Sommer, one lot, $0.

Ernest Reed II, Laura Reed to Jerry Gambrell, Julie Gambrell, one lot, $232,000.

Scott Investments of Troy to Angela Poore, David Poore, 10.3286 acres, $125,000.

Edward Fisher to Jason Bradshaw, Jodi Bradshaw, one lot, $130,000.

Rodney Peters to Mary Peters, Rodney Peters, $0.

Amy Jackson, David Jackson to Amy Jackson, David Jackson, 39.2898 acres, $0.


Gina Fulghum, Paul Fulghum, RJT Properties LLC to Gina Fulghum, Paul Fulghum, $149,600.

Bessie Moore Revocable Living Trust Agreement, Daniel Moore Sr., successor trustee, William Moore Revocable Living Trust Agreement to Karen Miller, Richard Miller, $331,000.


Nancy Nims, Peter Nims to Cameron Armstrong, Mark Armstrong, 34.799 acres, $550,000.


Amy Ginnan, Amy Hargrave to Robert Hargrave, 6.228 acres, $0.

Kristin Heil, Scott Heil to Scott Heil, 10.016 acres, $0.


Tracey Morley to Scott Morley $0.

Mary Peters to Mary Peters, Rodney Peters, $0.

Rodney Peters to Mary Peters, Rodney Peters, $0.


Carol Clark to Carol Clark Declaration of Trust, 2.6 acres, $0.

Park National Bank, Unity National Bank to Leeann Foster, Scott Foster, $14,000.


Sharon Koeller-Moore, Michael Moore, Melisa Vanhorn to Lynn Hutchinson, Steven Hutchinson, 1.207 acres, 2.348 acres, $0.


Cathy Crabtree, trustee, Crabtree Family Irrevocable Trust to Cathy Ann Crabtree, one lot, $0.

Linda Reaster, Walter Reaster Jr. to Board of Miami county Park District, $0.

Coughlin Family Irrevocable Trust, Cathy Ann Crabtree, trustee to Crabtree Family Irrevocable Trust, $0.

Estate of Eric Hand, U.S. Bank, administrator to Candace Alexander, 3.976 acres, $179,000.