Restaurant inspections

Restaurant inspections are performed in the county by Miami County Public Health, except in Piqua, which has its own health department. Miami County Public Health can be reached at (937) 573-3500, by email at or on the website at These inspection reports were provided by Miami County Public Health.

June 22

McDonalds, 1275 Garber Drive, Tipp City — Floors in food service need regrouted properly. Observed food residual trapped between tiles. Walk-in cooler floor is not secured solid to floor. Secure floor tightly and prevent any water from laying underneath metal floor panels. Manager stated this is being worked on/scheduled soon. Observed gnats in three focused areas. Eradicate gnats safely. Clean drains properly and ensure no standing water/wet areas on floor. Also clean hard-to-reach areas.

Subway, 15 S. Dorset Rd., Troy — Observed dried food debris on prep refrigerator lids and bottom of refrigerator as well as on wall behind prep table. Clean areas often to prevent build up. The paper towel holder in back in broken and needs replaced. Paper towels were found sitting out. The mop was found in the utility sink. The mop handle holder is broken and won’t hold mop. Please repair or replace.

Tipp City Beverage Dock, 1372 S. County Road 25A, Troy — Satisfactory at time of inspection.

Tippecanoe Family Aquatic Center, 225 Parkwood Drive Tipp City — Ensure ant issue is taken care of safely. Observed a few ants in corner by handsink. Ensure paper towl dispenser is always functional.

June 23

Cavens Meats Inc., 7850 U.S. Route 36, Conover — Establishment good at time of inspection.

Clopay, 1400 W. Market St., Troy — Critical violation at time of inspection: a food thermometer isn’t available to worker at this time. Please obtain. Critical violation at time of inspection: the hot water at the hand sink isn’t working. If new hot water heater is needed, then a plumbing permit will be required. Household dishwasher not being used. All dishes sent out to be clean. Discussed with worker to keep chicken and fries in the warmer as long as possible to keep above 135 degrees Fahrenheit.

Dolphin Club of Troy, 2326 St. Route 718, Troy — Satisfactory at time of inspection.

Hickory River Smokehouse, 135 S. Garber Dr., Tipp City — The area under and behind the pop nozzles in dining room need to be cleaned of splash more often to prevent any growth.

June 24

Cassano’s, 975 W. Main St., Tipp City — Observed very dirty water in the sanitizing bucket. Manager states it was from last night. It is now 12:27. Observed a lot of food debris on counters in refrigerators, in oven and pan. These items must be cleaned. Ceiling tiles are missing or very water logged from recent leak in air conditioner. Please replace. Working container of oven cleaner without labeling.

Dunaway’s Beef and Ale, 508 W. Main St., Troy — Issues with gnats are much better in facility. Stay vigilant on keeping areas clean and dry.

Fairfield Inn, 83 Troy Town Drive, Troy — Satisfactory during time of inspection.

Randall Residence, 6400 S. County Road 25A, Tipp City — Observed some gnats in dishwashing area still. Manager has consulted pest control company. In process of treatment. Other issues resolved at this time. New license posted. In process of treatment for gnats.

Tall Tales Inn, 6 W. Pike St., Laura — Fix hot water at handsink in men’s restroom. Clean hard-to-reach areas of food residual/unclean residual on floors and walls. Observed unclean residual in detailed clean areas. Observed unclean food residual on cooking equipment, vent hood area equipment, shelves, inside cookers/freezer bottoms. Clean deeply and when needed. Observed floor with damaged areas. Replace/repair properly. Clean top of pizza oven daily of burnt debris that was observed. Install/place sneeze guards at buffet area equipment. Observed residential microwave, ensure all food equipment is health-code approved. Ensure all plumbing work is done by a registered plumber (permit made.)

Village Pizza and Drive Thru, 302 S. Miami Ave., Bradford — Continue to work on tiles where needed. Continue to come up to current code on food service equipment needs.

June 25

Wendy’s, 3 Weller Drive, Tipp City — Paper towels present at handsink but paper towels are not in a dispenser. Fix/replace dispenser immediately to protect paper towels. Observed shelving above three compartment sink and in walk-in cooler with protective coating peeling off. Replace all shelving in any area that is degrading on all surfaces. Observed low grout areas on floor. Replace grout where needed. Back door weather threshold on floor is loose/damaged. Make door weather tight.

June 26

Trojan Nutrition, 111 E. Market St., Troy — Satisfactory at time of inspection.