Restaurant inspections

Restaurant inspections are performed in the county by Miami County Public Health, except in Piqua, which has its own health department. Miami County Public Health can be reached at (937) 573-3500, by email at or on the website at These inspection reports were provided by Miami County Public Health.

Feb. 16

The Hershey Bar, 118 E. Main St., Bradford — Found sour cream in walk-in cooler at 68F. TCS foods must be kept below 41F to limit germ growth. Foods moved. Repair walk-in cooler to hold at below 41F. The flooring in walk-in is still broken and needs repaired.

La Fiesta, 836 W. Main St., Troy — Observed raw chicken and beef stored above ham, pre-cooked chile relleno, and buns in prep refrigerator on line. Raw ground beef found on shelf next to lemons in walk-in cooler. Observed containers of food with no lids or covering under dirty shelves in walk-in cooler. Keep food covered to prevent contamination. Clean shelves more often. Observed five trays of salsa at 61F sitting out at room temperature. RTE, TCS food must be kept below 41F to limit growth. Observed broken blades and holder on tomato cutter. Replace broken pieces. Found large can in front of hand sink in prep room. Hand sink must be available at all times. Light shields missing in food prep room. Please replace. Observed many broken tiles in kitchen. The wood floor in dry storage room is broken and down to bare wood. Repair to be smooth and easily cleanable. Wood bracing still found inside walk-in cooler. Cooler not repaired at this time. It must be completed as soon as possible. According to manager, no written procedures are available.

La Fiesta Express, 1133 W. Main St., Troy — Place thermometer in back prep cooler. Monitor temperature. Foods are slightly above or at 41F. Ensure 41F or below at all times in cooler. Floor in kitchen areas mustbe regrouted between tiles where needed. Ensure no entrapment of food. Observed food (chicken in sauce) just placed in walk-in cooler to cool in large container. Manager had employee remove food and separate it into smaller batches and ice the food to cool faster. When cooling ensure 135F to 70F withing two hours and 135F to 41F withing six hours to limit bacterial growth.

Feb. 17

The Caroline, 5 S. Market St., Troy — Observed dripping from condenser in walk-in freezer. Repair freezer. Do not store any food underneath. Observed food debris on guard of mixer, in food warmer, and on slicer. Clean areas after use everyday. The ceiling and floor tiles in back storage room are in disrepair. Paint is peeling on walls. Repair area. Repeat.

Kroger, 731 W. Market St., Troy — A written procedure is need and must be present for the health inspector on time controlled for safety foods. The procedure must explain ever step and that the food is used or discarded in four hours, to limit bacterial growth. Observed sauce bottles sitting out at room temperature, sauce bottles must be time marked and used or discarded within four hours to limit bacterial growth. Beer area: paper towel dispenser must be installed at hand sink area to ensure paper towels are being used properly. Floor area: tongs at self dispense mushroom must be cleaned every 24 hours. Observed raw fish stored on cart above RTE food and lemons in seafood cooler. Barriers in open seafood case aren’t as long at the trays. Longer plastic barriers are needed to prevent cross contamination. Observed boxes of food on floor in walk-in bakery cooler. Food must be stored 6 inches off the floor. Observed food debris in o-ring in clean sausage maker. Rust found on sausage cutter. Observed the hose on food prep sink in meat room hanging below the rim of sink. A back flow device needs to be added to hose or an air gap with to prevent back flow into water system. Observed leaks from condensers above in the produce walk-in and produce prep room.

Skyline Chili, 1775 W. Main St., Troy — Prep sink loose from wall. Secure to wall and seal. Prep sink has some build-up of debris on and around sink. Clean thoroughly. Some build-up of dirt/debris under shelves. Clean more regularly.

Troy Christian High School, 700 S. Dorset Rd., Troy — All hot holding above 135F, all cold holding is below 41F. Overall condition of the facility is very good. Food handling practices very good. No violations observed.

Feb. 18

Bob Evans Farms, 1749 W. Main St., Troy — Ham and cheese in line cooler held above 41F. Products discarded. Ensure items that are TCS foods held below 41F. Foods held with time as public health control for four hours. Provide written procedure. Walk in floor has build-up of food/debris. Clean regularly to prevent build-up.

Outback Steakhouse, 1801 Towne Park, Troy — Observed potato soup on warmer at 108F. The pans aren’t low enough in the hot water to maintain 135F. Honey butter at 48F in ice bath. Discussed time stamping products and add to procedure.

Ruby Tuesday, 1780 W. Main St., Troy — Satisfactory at time of inspection.

Sakai Japanese Bistro, 2303 W. Main St., Troy — Clean hard to reach areas mainly grill/cook line and back area. Observed residual build-up in these areas in hard-to-reach area. Felt residual build-up on handles of equipment. Clean equipment handles/surfaces when needed. Replace baseboards that broke in the food service.

Sterling House of Troy, 81 S. Stanfield Rd., Troy — Satisfactory at time of inspection.

Tall Tales Inn, 6 W. Pike St., Laura — Observed walk-in cooler holding food above 41F. All temperature controlled for safety foods must maintain 41F or below to limit bacterial growth. Owner is working on issue and monitoring. Clean hard to reach areas of food residual oil/unclean residual on floor/wall/shelving areas. Observed residual build-up. Observed unclean food residual on cooking equipment, vent hood area equipment, inside/outside cooler/freezers. Clean top of pizza oven of residual burnt debris. Ensure sneeze guard at all self-serve areas to protect food. Ensure hand sink is not blocked and fix hot water in men’s restroom.

Feb. 19

DJ’s Pizza Alley, 18 S. Second St., Tipp City — No paper towels at hand sink. Replace stock to ensure proper hand cleaning. Boxes of cheese on floor in walk-in. All foods must be stored 6 inches off the floor. Chicken cooler not maintaining proper temperature. Product moved to alternate cooler. Repair cooler and ensure it maintains temperature below 41F. Chicken (raw) stored above potatoes. Ensure chicken is stored on bottom shelf to prevent cross contamination.

The Brewery, 111 W. Water St., Troy — Observed salad dressing at 47F in kitchen in prep refrigerator. TCS foods must be kept below 41F. Discard all TCS foods in prep refrigerator. Prep refrigerator holding at 50F. Remove all food. Repair before use. Observed very dirty pans, inside of refrigerator, and shelves. Observed mold growth on containers inside refrigerator. The hand sink behind bar is broken and needs fixed ASAP to continue to operate. Observed ashes on table next to ice machine. No smoking allowed in the kitchen. REPEAT VIOLATION. Bartender states that they are not fixing any food at this time. The kitchen and equipment must be cleaned bbefore any use and Health Department must be contacted for inspection before any food prep is done. No food prep is allowed unless inspection is conducted first.