Miami County Real Estate Transactions


Kellee Ary, Kellee Snider to Beverly Snider, one lot, $0.

Elbert Feltner Jr. to Gloria Bashore, Maurice Bashore Jr., one lot, $76,000.

St. Joseph’s Catholic Worker House Inc. to Edna Mitchell, Heath Mitchell, Holly Wheeler, Thomas Wheeler, one lot, $32,500.

Angela Cheatwood, Mark Cheatwood to Edna Mitchell, Heath Mitchell, Holly Wheeler, Thomas Wheeler, $0.

Ronald Salyer to Dustina Monnier, Ricky Monnier, one lot, $222,000.

Richard Stein to Jeanette Asher, Brock Thokey, one lot, $79,000.

Pamela Sager, Thomas Sager to Anthony Sager, trustee, Sager Irrevocable Heritage Trust, one lot, $0.

WTH Oakmont Mortgage Pool, WTH Pool Inc. to Nabila Bibawy, one lot, $24,500.

Bank of America N.A. to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, one lot, $0.

Angela Cline, Joshua Cline to Leah Smith, one lot, $87,000.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Debbie Conley, Gregory Dehart, one lot, $55,000.

JS Bre LLC to Berner Estates, one lot, $108,000.

Harlow Builders Inc. to Heather Ring, one lot, $291,300.

Estate of David Hunter, William Hunter, co-executor, Joseph Hunter to Christina Koenig, one lot, $110,000.

Scott Investments of Troy LLC to Andrew White, Autumn White, two lots, $353,400.


Mary Stearns to Mary Stearns, Matthew Stearns, one lot, $0.

J & B Renovations LLC to Amanda Bylczynski, two lots, $107,000.

Vernon Arthur to Jamie Williams, one lot, $64,900.

Jean Bates, Paul Bates to Gary Asbury, one lot, $54,900.

Craycon Homes Inc. to Cornerstone Construction of Miami County, one lot, $24,000.

Gladys Roth, trustee, Roth Family Revocable Living Trust to Jeffery Wooddell, Teresa Wooddell, one lot, $15,000.


David Stacy, Tracy Stacy to David Stacy, Tracy Stacy, $0.


Rosewood Creek LLC to Bruns Construction Enterprises Inc., Homes by Bruns, one lot, $0.

Jeffrey Hamilton, Katie Hamilton to Matthew Carpenter, one lot, $183,000.

Talismanic Properties to NVR Inc., one lot, $47,400.

Susan Furlong to Susan Furlong Trust, one lot, $0.

Stanley Evans to Dow Via Domus LLC, a part lot, $0.

Esther Jean Houdeshell, Cynthia Watson, executor to Estate of Houdeshell, Molly Suber, one lot, $97,000.

Whitney Holsopple, Chad Liette, Whitney Liette to Micah Herron, one lot, $170,000.

Mary Winblad, Michael Winblad to Tipp City Seniors Inc., one lot, $150,000.

Kathleen McCrillis, Steven McCrillis to Christine Diehl, John Diehl, one lot, $339,900.


Michael White to Andrew Youngberg, Jacquelyn Youngberg, two lots, $265,000.

Alison Shofner, Jerry Shofner to Christopher Delaet, Janelle Delaet, two lots, $186,000.

Inverness Group Inc. to Brent Kerns, Melissa Kerns, two lots, $326,900.

Inverness Group Inc. to Abigail Kurtz, Michael Kurtz, two lots, $272,100.

Elissa Hostetter, Jordan Sharpe, two lots, $161,700.

Delores Frank, Robert Frank to Vicki Muncie, two lots, $199,000.

Inverness Group, Inc. to Jennifer McKenzie, Robert McKenzie, two lots, $266,500.


Heather Hollenbacher, Kreg Hollenbacher to Kenya Hunt, Anthony Hunt, one lot, $183,900.


Kennetha Watts, Rickey Watts to Federal National Mortgage Association, one lot, $0.


Jimmie Scott, Patricia Scott to Jimmie Scott Revocable Living Trust, Jimmie Scott, trustee, 115.295 acres, $0.

PAJ Enterprises LLC to Christopher Thomas, Ericka Welch, 0.1891 acres, $127,900.

Mary Fulks, Raymond Fulks to Mary Fulks, co-trustee, Raymond Fulks, co-trustee, Fulks Family Trust, 81.630 acres, $0.


Barbara Palmer, David Palmer to Barbara Palmer, trustee, David Palmer, trustee, Palmer Family Trust, $0. Kevin Langford to Julie Timmerman, William Timmerman, one lot, $224,400.


Susan Miller to Joshua Saylor, 4.963 acres, $110,000.

Merrimont Development Corp. to Ogden Montgomery, Susan Montgomery, one lot, $0.


Lewis Wills, Marcia Wills to Mary Peters, Rodney Peters, 0.1681 acres, $1,200.


Estate of Mary Smith to Mary E. Smith Revocable Living Trust, Cindy Smith, trustee, Cindy Zolman, trustee, $0.

Estate of Joyce Rismiller, Barry Rismiller, co-executor, Darrin Rismiller, co-executor, to Justin Fessler, 5.001 acres, $130,000.

Estate of L.H. Smith to L.H. Smith Revocable Living Trust, Cindy Smith, $0.