Restaurant inspections

Restaurant inspections are performed in the county by Miami County Public Health, except in Piqua, which has its own health department. Miami County Public Health can be reached at (937) 573-3500, by email at or on the website at These inspection reports were provided by Miami County Public Health.

Dec. 23

• Coopers Farm Catering, 3155 St. Route 48, Ludlow Falls — Satisfactory at time of inspection.

Dec. 27

• Cinemark, 1020 Garbry Rd., Piqua — Containers of food stored on the floor. Keep food containers at least six inches off floor at all times to prevent possible contamination.

Dec. 28

• La Fiesta Express, 1133 W. Main St., Troy — Person-in-charge level one food handler certificate received.

Jan. 4

• Meijer, 1900 W. Main St., Troy — Observed in-use spray bottles with cleaners hanging on three tank sink on clean side. Keep chemicals store separately from food contact surface.

The last results of bulk water machine testing unit isn’t available at this time. Please have available to review.

Observed 12 cans of Meijer baby formula and five small cans of formula found out of date. Review often.

• Staunton Country Store, 17 S. State Route 202, Troy — observed toxic materials stored on shelf next to and above food stuff and single service articles. Rearrange items to prevent any contamination.

Sanitize all utensils and cutting boards every four hours.

• Trojan Nutrition, 111 E. Main St., Troy — Satisfactory at time of inspection.

Inspections done by the Piqua Health Department.

Jan. 5

• Cassano’s, 1577 Covington Ave., Piqua — Observed container of garlic butter at room temperature (60F) marked “keep refrigerated.” All TCS foods must be kept below 41F or above 135F to prevent bacterial growth. Item discard. Repeat issue.

Observed broken/cracked food container. All food containers must be smooth, durable and easily cleanable. Cracks and broken edges provide areas for bacteria to potentially accumulate. Repeat issue.

• Speedway, 1551 Covington Ave., Piqua — Observed nacho cheese and chili being held below 135F, at 166F and 115F. Boxes marked keep refrigerated after opening. Keep all TCS foods below 41F or above 135F to prevent bacterial growth. Items discarded.

The pop machines need to be cleaned. The hot water leaking at the three compartment sink. Repair.

• Bob Evans Farms, 22 Weller Dr., Tipp City — observed shell eggs, liquid eggs, pancake mix, ham, cream cheese filling, and french toast mix found above 41F and without any time stamp. Stamp for time as a public health control to minimize germ growth. Items discarded.

Observed food debris and grease on clean plates below grill. The grease trap on grill is overflowing and dripping grease below.