Miami County Real Estate Transactions


John Wilson, Kristie Wilson to Hatfield Properties, one lot, $0.

Kristina Mosholder to Joel Misirian, Sharon Misirian, one lot, $185,000.

Xi Xiang Huang, Yan Qing Chen, Xi Xiang Huang, two lots, $0.

James Barr, Margaret Barr to James N. Barr and Margaret S. Barr Irrevocable Trust, $0.

Denlinger and Sons Builders Inc. to Robert Mayberry, Tina Mayberry, one lot, $408,600.

Citifnancial Servicing LLC, Olympus Asset Management Inc. to Susan Spitler, one lot, $91,000.

A & B Properties LLC to Abel Fuentes, Martha Fuentes, one lot, $60,000.

Dewayne Williams, Lisa Williams to Lauren Dugan, Michael Dugan, one lot, $19,900.


Douglas Lillicrap, Jacqueline Lillicrap to Betty Allen, Timothy Allen, one lot, $20,000.

Eula Camden, Gregory Castle, executor to Barbara Streib, Matthew Streib, two lots, $63,000.

Estate of Charles Wysong, Patricia Maxwell, executor to Dayna Hemmelgarn, three lots, $35,000.

Julie Kay Deal, attorney in fact, James Williams Jr., to Group1 Properties, one lot, $36,000.

Miami County Sheriff Charles Cox, Carol Johnson, Sandra Johnson to Duane Johnson, Ronald Johnson, one lot, $28,000.


Jack Heffner, Lynelle Heffner to Bethan Czapor, Bryan Czapor, one lot, $129,000.


NVR Inc. to Christina Halleg, Michael Halleg, two lots, $238,200.

NVR Inc. to Margaret Loar, Ryan Loar, two lots, $238,600.

NVR Inc. to Michael Sherrill, Sandra Sherrill, two lots, $320,700.

Inverness Group Inc. to Jose Morales, Wanda Quiles, two lots, $222,000.

Carriage Trails at the Heights, Dec Land Co. I LLC to Waterstone at Carriage Trails, three lots, $768,000.


Floria Klopfenstein Trust, Glordia Klopfenstein, one lot, $0.


Estate of Robert E. Lee to Rebecca Lee, 2.0 acres, $0.

Patricia Ann Burge, trustee, Lloyd Burdge and Patricia Ann Burdge Trust to Howard Patton, Matthew Patton, Trina Patton, 22.822 acres, $425,000.

Reeves Realty Bethel LLC to P & R Communication Services, 2.171 acres, 7.833 acres, $0.


Robert Sargeant Living Trust to RCS Real Estate LLC, 73.269 acres, $0.


Joel Leavelle, Sheryl Shaffer, attorney in fact to Van Jackson, trustee, Jackson Family Trust, 60.308 acres, $600,000.

Bank of America N.A. to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, one lot, $0.

Earhart Leasing Co. Inc. a.k.a. Earhart Petroleum, R.W. Earhart Company to Earhart Brother Leasing LLC, $0.

Curt Selman to Marcia Jackson, 0.480 acres, 0.264 acres, $0.


Carl Wilson to John Martin, Madison Martin, 1.5 acres, $101,000.


Benjamin Lavy, Mollie Lavy to Benjamin Lavy, Mollie Lavy, 1.684 acres, $0.

Donald Monnin, Mary Monnin to Patricia Casey, Raymond Casey, one lot, $125,000.

Jo Anne Hill, trustee, Jo Anne Hill Revocable Trust to Donald Gipe, Mabel Gipe, $20,000.


Polly Britton to Colleen Knupp Living Trust, Colleen Knupp, co-trustee, Colleen Knupp Living Trust, Keith Knupp co-trustee, 14.805 acres, $250,000.

Charlene Ross, co-trustee, Harold Ross, co-trustee, Ross Family Joint Living Trust to Kelly Ross, 0.826 acres, $69,000.

Arlene Rasor to Patricia Wood, 21 acres, $0.

Arlene Rasor to Shirley Rasor, 60.229 acres, $0.

Arlene Rasor to Eric Wood, 41.976 acres, $0.

Evans Farm Corporation to Mark Brandt, Teresa Brandt, 39.685 acres, $700,000.


Phyllis Mayne Huffman, trustee to Kay Snider Revocable Living Trust, Kay Snider, trustee, Steven Snider Revocable Living Trust, Steven Snider, trustee, Steven A. Snider Revocable Living Trust, 110.286 acres, $810,000.


Cynthia Fisher Living Trust, Donald Fisher Living Trust, to Trixie Fisher, Wade Fisher, 83.511 acres, 1.902 acres, $148,100.

Trixie Fisher, Wade Fisher to Cynthia Fisher Trust, Donald Fisher Living Trust, 49.518 acres, $0.

Edward Sink, Janet Sink to Cynthia Fisher Living Trust, Donald Fisher Living Trust, 68.184 acres, $613,700.