Miami County Real Estate Transactions


Dottie Brown, Ted Brown to Lauren Leistner, one lot, $115,000.

Treva Heft to Pamela Heft, one lot, $79,500.

Robert Stiltner to Amanda Stiltner, John Stiltner, one lot, $80,000.

James Fisher, Judy Fisher to Jessica Carr, trustee, James and Judy Fisher Irrevocable Trust, two part lots, $0.

NVR Inc. to Floyd Hurt, Waynette Hurt, one lot, $363,400.

NVR Inc. to Catherine Vasil, Craig Vasil, one lot, $302,800.

Bruce Treiber to Charles Routh, Joyce Routh, one lot, $215,000.

Tabbitha Haney to Richard Haney III, one lot ,$0.

Destiny Estates to Theresa Wilson, Tommy Wilson, one lot, $40,800.

Sita Gunda, Srikanth Gunda to Nancy Stager, one lot, $265,000.

Mark Green, Yumi Green to Benjamin Keith, a part lot, $47,000.

Patricia Grove to Deborah Haas, one lot, $138,000.

Angela Soder to Benjamin Keith, a part lot, $47,000.

Stonebridge Meadows LLC to NVR Inc., one lot, $61,000.

Tammy Moler, Thomas Moler to Kelly Larger Moler, four lots, $30,000.

Diana Bodenmiller to Mark Richard, Peggi Richard, one lot, $25,000.

Donna Knauer, John Knauer to Bhavesh Patel, one lot, $190,000.

Deborah Gates, Timothy Gates to Kent Zimmerman Jr., one lot, $167,000.

Jean Routson, Michael Routson to Flats of Troy LLC, one lot, $0.

John Scarbrough, Vickie Scarbrough to John Scarbrough, Vickie Scarbrough, $0.

Adam Sweitzer, Danielle Sweizer to Kevin Klatte, one lot, $92,500.

Housing Opportunities for People Inc. to Kaitlin Peck, two lots, $169,000.

Jennifer Dodson to Kristie Lawrence, a part lot, $85,000.

Karlton Mick III, Melinda Mick, Mary Lee Polhamus to Karlton Mick III, one lot, $0.


Doris McMillan Amended Revocable Living Trust, William Mote to William Mote, two lots, $0.

Estate of Aaron Feathers, Steven Feathers, administrator to Mark Feathers, Kathy Simpson, one lot, $0.

Cheryl Feathers, Mark Feathers, Kathy Simpson to STC Health Group Piqua LLC, $250,000.

M & P Properties to Karlton Mick III, two lots, $0.

Karlton Mick III, Melinda Mick, Mary Lee Polhamus to Mary Lee Polhamus, one lot, $0.

Julie Bondurant, Mark Bondurant, Matt Bondurant to Marilyn Bondurant, one lot, $0.

Estate of Deloris Baker, Rick Baker, executor to Victoria Settles, one lot, $63,000.

Estate of Thomas Miller to John Brumbaugh, Douglas Landis, Carl Miller, Fredrick Miller, Brenda Walters, one lot, $0.

Stephen Jacomet to Catherine Jacomet, one lot, $0.

Catherine Jacomet to Brian Hovenac, one lot, $77,500.

Denise Reece, Paul Reece to James Johnson, one lot, one part lot, $163,900.

Teeters Real Estate Investments LLC to Julie Alexander Declaration of Trust, Robin Alexander Declaration of Trust, $100,000.

Patricia McMaken, Richard McMaken to Julie Wright, a part lot, $0.


Elizabeth Combs, Eric Combs to Scott Kaster, Beth Muir, one lot, $300,700.

Gail Clark, Michael Clark to Hand Up Home Ministries, one lot, $48,000.

Meda Bower, Tim Bower, Jessica Soelter to Jessica Soelter, one lot, $0.

Chad Cyphers, Christina Cyphers to Andrew Ritz, Whitney Ritz, one lot, $0.

Nicole Moore, Patrick Moore to Anna Waddell, Joshua Waddell, one lot, $130,500.

Jerry Wasson and Sharon Wasson Amended and Restated Trust to Jonathan Besserman,Michelle Besserman, one lot, $416,600.

Nicole Knick, Scott Knick to Michael Bratton, Roberta Bratton, one lot, $180,000.

Anna Oparah, Kelechukwu Oparah to Amanda Joyce, Gerald Joyce, a part lot, $164,000.

Brandon Artz, Danielle Artz to Michael Hayes, one lot, $142,000.

Janet Brant to Carl Brickner, one lot, $142,000.

Flo Knoth, Henry Wilder, attorney in fact to A&D Partnership LLC, two lots, $45,000.

Fieldstone Partners to Denlinger and Sons Builders Inc., one lot, $70,000.

Gregg Stapleton, attorney in fact, Marilyn Stapleton to David Copfer, Tonya Copfer, one lot, $179,900.


Estate of Norma Jean Nicodemus to James Nicodemus, $0.

Skip Miller, Sommer Miller to Benjamin Hampshire, Melissa Weese, two lots, $75,000.


Robert Phillis to Robert Philis Family Trust, Robert Phillis, trustee, one lot, one part lot, $0.

Seth Guillozet to Myrna Frantz, Stanley Frantz, two part lots, $89,000.

Jonathan Silver, Susan Silver to Addison Miller, Alicia Miller, one lot, $126,500.

Kayla Fissel, Kayla Thiebeau, Kody Thiebeau to Penny Cron, one lot, $150,000.

Estate of Naomi Monnier to Harrison Monnier, a part lot, $0.


Jean Routson, Michael Routson to Kin Star Properties, one lot, $370,000.

NVR Inc. to Robiya Gogoladze, Kheriya Kasymova, two lots, $284,500.

Carriage Trails at the Heights, Dec Land Co. I LLC to Inverness Group Inc., two lots, $53,600.

Patricia Worth to George Adams, Sachiko Adams, two lots, $218,200.

Scott Flomberfelt, Tracy Flomerfelt to Melissa Keller, William Keller, two lots, $283,600.

Carriage Trails at the Heights, Dec Land Co. I LLC to NVR Inc., two lots, $39,600.

Enidjim Datts, Russell Datts to Samit Akhmedov, two lots, $296,000.


Dustin Logan to Sarah Logan, a part lot, $0.


Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Derek Fink, one lot, $0.

Bruce Bergemeier, Lorna Bergemeier to Jacob Schroeder, one lot, $260,000.

Barbara Brewer Trust to Pamela Swindon Trust, $180,000.

Barbara Brewer Trust to Marciel Marcus Trust, 3.386 acres, 7.470 acres, $65,200.


Stonybrook Estates to Harlow Builders Inc., one lot, $63,900.

Blake Arbogast, Kimberly Arbogast to Daniel Naas, one lot, $449,000.

Kathleen Jent, Thomas Jent to Matthew Tomsic, Anita Trenton, one lot, $278,500.

Jennifer Garman, Russell Garman to Sylvan Knoch, one lot, $149,900.

Caroline Hatala to John Patterson, Linda Patterson, one lot, $185,000.


Brenda Jones to Donald Williams, Viola Williams, one lot, $197,400.

Janice Allen to Julie Eustache, Mark Eustache, one lot, $5,000.

Kimberly Coffman, Shawn Coffman to Adam Berning, Caroline Berning, one lot, $190,000.

Andrew Ritz, Whitney Ritz to Chad Cyphers, Christina Cyphers, $0.

Dennis Mendenhall, Michelle Mendenhall to Andrew Barger, Eden Barger, one lot, $240,000.


William Sheafer to Justin Simon, Kelli Simon, $144,000.

Joanna Fryman, Christopher Meyer, Denny Shoenleben, Jacqueline Shoenleben to Jesse Shaffer, Julie Shaffer, 5.001 acres, $59,900.


Cynthia Lillicrap, Thomas Lillicrap to James Gover Jr., Tracy Gover, one lot, $27,000.


Liberty Lot Sales to Harlow Builders Inc., 1.662 acres, $65,900.

Bud Runner Revocable Trust, National Advisors Trust, Turnerstone Private Trust to Ann Runner, $0.

Daryl Hummel, Theresa Hummel to Janet Hardin, Richard Hardin, one lot, $255,000.


Amecia Carpenter, Nicholas Carpenter to Eric Kocher, Kelsie Kocher, 1.923 acres, $190,000.

Jennifer Denson to Diane Granberg, Jaxon Granberg, 4.206 acres, $267,500.


Linda Chambers, Steven Chambers to Jessica Chambers, trustee, Chambers Preservation Trust, $0.

Garjar LLC to Penny Perrine, one lot, $27,500.