Miami County Real Estate Transactions


Sara Collins, Wade Collins to Anthony Lehman, Kimberly Lehman, one lot, $136,300.

Charles Snead, Margaret Snead to Jane Behm, Parker Behm, two lots, $232,000.

Pam Cain, Ron Cain to Jessica Bruggeman, one lot, $130,000.

Scott Investments of Troy to Donald Hensley, Marcie Hensley, $353,500.

Chie Schmitt, David Schmitt to Nathan Friedly, one lot, one part lot, $257,500.

Bina Shah, Paresh Shah to Celene Properties, one lot, $0.

Sandra Kinney, Scott Kinney to Cheryl Liette Trust, one lot, $464,900.

Brad Merrell, Kassondra Merrell to Melissa Bach, two part lots, $98,000.

Carol Wackler, Randy Wackler to Weitzel Investments, one lot, $62,000.

Carol Foster, Carol Hamm, Timothy Hamm to Joanna Williams, one lot, $119,000.

Mary Hormann, Timothy Hormann to Alan Kolsky, one lot, $110,000.

Halifax Land Company to Scott Investments of Troy, one lot, $94,900.

Gretchen Rolf, Theodore Rolf II to Betsy Rolf, one lot, $92,000.

Scott Investments of Troy to Danny Riter, Penny Riter, one lot, $264,100.

Linda Krall, Michael Krall to Deborah Gates, Timothy Gates, one lot, $210,000.

3 Gen D LLC to Daniel Gaudin, Karin Guadin, two lots, $849,900.

Brittney Ropp, Matthew Ropp, Brittney Wilson to Shalamyree Honeyman, Nicholas Rapp, one lot, $118,000.

Marvin Ely, Rebecca Ely to Beverly Kendall, Thomas Kendall, $195,000.

James Hayes, Heather Shaffer, attorney in fact to Ryan Lavy, a part lot, $30,900.

Julie Anderson, Dino Parks to Julie Anderson, trustee, Dina Parks, trustee, Parks Anderson Family Trust, $0.

Heide Zimmerman Cortese, attorney in fact, Mary Kathryn Zimmerman to Shawn Coffman, one lot, $129,900.


Teeters Real Estate Investments to Amy Burt, William Burt, one lot, $25,000.

Traci Allen to Trinity Allen, $0.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Brian King, $44,000.

Bethany Kauffman, Joshua Kauffman to Justine Reardon, Kyle Reardon, one lot, $289,000.

Jon Bailey, Rhonda Bailey to Jon Bailey, Rhonda Bailey, three lots, $0.

Stacy Ringelspaugh to Helen Craig, Stacy Ringelspaugh, one lot, $0.

Connie Humphreys, Keith Humphreys to Orlethiae Watkins, one lot, $69,900.

Amy Hughes to Joy Rudloff, one lot, $102,000.

Hannah Kingrey to John Hampton Jr., one lot, $142,900.

Jason Preston to Lindsey Metz, one lot, $115,000.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Bruce Vanover, Rhonda Vanover, one lot, $26,000.


Miami County Sheriff David Duchak, Barbara Longendelpher to JRZ Investments LLC., a part lot, $48,000.


Gus Hagen Jr. to Nancy Hagen, one lot, $0.

Gary Jackson, Laura Jackson, Amy Peters, Frank Peters to Betty Jackson, Randall McKenzie, one lot, $123,800.

Rosewood Creek LLC to Bruns Construction Enterprises Inc., Homes by Bruns, one lot, $55,900.


HHI Enterprises to Curt Bockey, Joan Bockey, one lot, $8,500.

Beverley Dana to Logan Hall, a part lot, $104,000.

Joseph Hutchinson, Kori Hutchinson, Kori Ison to Sharon Fisher, Thomas Fisher, one lot, $169,000.


MacKenzie Taylor to Richard Crist, Ruth Crist, one lot, $125,000.

Bryan Harju, Rebecca Harju to Eric Galentine, Heather Galentine, one lot, $279,000.

Heather Komon, Leonard Komon to Susan Snead, Peggy Jane Wertz, William Wesley Wertz, Georgia Woolery, one lot, $0.


Sally Pace to Sally Pace Revocable Living Trust, two lots, $0.

Charles Webb, Wendy Webb to Anita Sayers, two lots, $284,900.

Carriage Trails at the Heights to Corridor Development Company, one lot, $0.

Carriage Trails at the Heights, Dec Land Co. I to NVR Inc., tow lots, $53,900.

Inverness Group Inc. to Benjamin McCall, Melissa McCall, two lots, $257,300.

Jean Aspiras, Paul Aspiras to Jeremiah Forsythe, two lots, $260,000.

NVR Inc. to Christopher Arms, Lisa Arms, two lots, $254,700.

NVR Inc. to Martin Fujimura, two lots, $265,400.

Ashley Anderson, Ashley Huddleston, Jacob Huddleston to Craig Boldin, Genevieve Boldin, two lots, $317,000.


Ruth Barney, William Barney III to Annette Cargill, Michael Cargill, one lot, $330,000.

Bryan Adkins, Heather Adkins to Rebecca Compton, one lot, $140,000.

Marilyn Raines to Eichhorn Family Irrevocable Trust, Gregory Raines, trustee, $0.

John Updike, Marilyn Updike to Stony Brook Estates, 11.984 acres, $163,400.


Brian Brunswick, Melinda Brunswick to Jennifer Myers, Michael Myers, one lot, $280,500.

Cheryl Liette Trust to Bryan Harju, Rebecca Harju, one lot, $560,000.

Erin Cooper, Justin Cooper to Molly Noffsinger, Samuel Noffsinger, one lot, $289,900.


John Monnin to William Sheafer, 43.1 acres, $301,700.

Debra Clason, William Clason to Andrew Heitman, Hannah Heitman, $265,000.

Estate of Roger Landis to Mary Landis, one lot, one part lot, $0.


Uniqworks LLC to Actionworks LLC, $0.

Roy Howard to Jessie Kelsey, 0.465 acres, $7,000.

Amy Wilson, Derrick Wilson to John Conner, one lot, $178,000.


Joseph McDowell to Aaron Billing, Lindsey Billing, $312,000.


Linda Perry to Arlene Michael, Robert Michael, two part lots, $1,000.


Jessica Gearhardt, Matthew Gearhardt to Julie Edgell, Nicole Hatcher, 5.005 acres, $62,000.

Belinda Adams, Paul Adams to Jon Adams, trustee, Adams Preservation Trust, 10.001 acres, $0.

Connie Usserman to Julie Clark, 1.736 acres, $135,000.

Kenneth Barham to Cassie Barham, 1.339 acres, $0.