Restaurant inspections

Restaurant inspections are done by the Piqua Health Department

Dec. 15

Marathon, 315 Looney Road, Piqua — Violations/comments: Provide dish soap so utensils, i.e. ice scoop, tongs, etc., can be properly washed, rinsed and sanitized.

Dec. 14

True North, 600 South St., Piqua — Violations/comments: Satisfactory at time of inspection.

Dec. 11

Kroger, 1510 Covington Ave., Piqua — Violations/comments: Provide lab results for bulk water machine. Should be tested semi-annually for total coliform bacteria.

Sunset Meat Market, 1125 Covington Ave., Piqua — Violations/comments: Relish from an unapproved source being sold. All items must come from approved sources. Item removed.

Dec. 10

Faith’s Pizza, 536 Wilson Ave., Piqua — Violations/comments: Observed ready to eat TCS foods, i.e. cut lettuce, cold meat, without dates. All ready to eat TCS foods must be marked with date opened. Discard after seven days. The area by the fryer, the upright freezer and floors need to be cleaned.

Lighthouse Café, 213 N. Main St., Piqua — Violations/comments: Date all ready to eat TCS foods with the date opened or prepared. Discard after seven days. Cole slaw, cold meat, etc. Be sure to carry dates over from bulk containers to working containers. Dishwasher was not dispending 50 ppm of sanitizer. Must use at least 50 ppm of chlorine to effectively sanitize. Repair called in. Manually adding extra chlorine until repaired. The floors need to be cleaned mainly in hard to reach areas.

China Garden Buffet, 1284 E. Ash St., Piqua — Violations/comments: Wiping cloths on counter. Keep these items in sanitizer between uses to prevent bacterial growth.

Dec. 9

Knights of Columbus, 204 W. Ash St., Piqua — Violations/comments: Satisfactory at time of inspection. Use metal stem thermometer with thin tip and refrigerator thermometers to monitor food temperatures.

Ulbrich’s IGA, 407 S. Wayne St., Piqua — Violations/comments: No sanitizer was present at bakery three-compartment sink. Must provide so item can be washed, rinsed and sanitized. Corrected. The bakery floor and bakery pans need to be cleaned. The hand sink in the bakery was obstructed by food ingredients. Must be easily accessible at all times so hands can be washed.