Miami County Real Estate Transactions


Sullenberger Properties to Gayle Mitchell, Ted Mitchell, two part lots, $80,000.

Jodi Metzger, Richard Metzger Jr., to Daniel Decerbo Jr., one lot, $263,000.

Katie Osborne, Nicholas Osborne to Christopher Harleman, one lot, $83,000.

Conrex Master to Conrex Residential SMA, one lot, $110,500.

Estate of Ruth Ann Snider, James Snider, executor to Daren Beeson, a part lot, $55,100.

Jay Fiessinger, Shanda Fiessinger to Drew Sanders, one lot, $148,000.

Kyra Horn to Mary Frantz, one lot, $175,000.

John Saltis, Rachel Saltis, attorney in fact to Marcia Moore, two part lots, $159,900.

S.M. O’Neal Construction to Barbara Hedges, Stephen Hedges, one lot, $259,000.

Teresa Geary to Silvia Speck Revocable Living Trust, one lot, $188,500.

DAP Investment Holdings LLC to Justin Nutter, one lot, $95,000.

Mark Horton, Melanie Horton to Troy Christian Schools Inc., one lot, $132,500.

Claudia Sebastiany, Diego Sebastiany to Raghavender Thakur, one lot, $249,000.

Harlow Builders Inc. to David Dempsey, Deborah Dempsey, one lot, two part lots, $188,000.

Five SG to Bre Properties, one lot,$ 500,000.

Matthew Mottice, Melonie Mottice to Champaign Residential Services, one lot, $214,900.

Plato Pavlatos, Tina Pavlotos to Soteria Troy II, one lot, $0.

Plato Pavlatos, Tina Pavlotos to Soteria Troy II, one lot, $0.

Charles Lammers, Nancy Lammers to Charles Lammers, one lot, one part lot, $0.

Union Savings Bank to Michelle Mason, Robert Mason, one lot, $63,900.

Harbor West Land Company to Bogle Investments, one lot, $44,900.


Morgan Mohr to Michael Mohr, one lot, $0.

American Land Investments to Derek Jennings, Alyssa Jones, a part lot, $76,800.

VSF Developments to Lillie Willis, two part lots, $92,000.

Frank Mikaolajewski, Holly Mikolajewski, Glynda Swartz, Landon Swartz to Hunter Bryant, one lot, $90,000.

Kim Kelley, William Kelley to Christopher Swink, Kaylee Swink, one lot, $94,900.

Victory Property to Benanzer Development, two lots, $27,500.

Beverly Hemm, John Hemm, attorney in fact, to Blake Zimpher, a part lot, $84,000.

Shawn Evans, Sherry Evans to Paul Grisez, one lot, $0.

Clunk, Hoose Co. LPA, attorney in fact, Fannie Mae a.k.a Federal National Mortgage to Diana Hall, one lot, $0.

Earl Bell, Heather Bell to Melodie Vorhees, Vennard Vorhees to Michael Jackson, a part lot, $69,900.

James Buchanan, Teresa Buchanan to James Buchanan, a part lot, $0.

Danielle Isaacs, Wesley Isaacs Jr., Danielle Stahl to Jennifer Hoskins, one lot, one part lot, $72,100.

Teeters Real Estate Investments to Alexander Telecom Inc. to Indian Ridge Builders Corp., one lot, $15,000.

Opal Nix to Victory Property, one lot, $1,000.

Peoples Federal Savings and Loan to Christopher Lockhart, one lot, $39,800.

Danielle Drieling, Matthew Stearns to James Ferguson, one lot, $50,000.

Sally Hartman, Cynthia Lillicrap, attorney in fact to Logan Perkins, one lot, $165,000.

Cynthia Palsgrove, Robert Palsgrove, attorney in fact to Sherry Banning, one lot, $25,000.

Estate of James McMaken to Kathy McMaken, four lots, one part lot, $0.

Cletus T. Francis II, Holly Francis to Charles Dodd, Jenny Dodd, one lot, $95,900.


Gary Nasal, Mary Nasal to Brett Benson, one lot, $250,000.

Brian Bashore, Jennifer Bashore to Edward Brinkman, one lot, $0.

Caitlyn Brinkman, Edward Brinkman to Jennifer Bashore, one lot, $0.

Malia Ferguson, Malia Netherton to James Lee, Lisa Lee, one lot, $312,500.

Linda Coppock, Barbara Jones, Craig Jones, Marvin Mescher, Sherry Mescher to Janet Frazier, one lot, $165,000.

Amy Allen, James Allen to Lisa Shockley, two part lots, $222,400.


Heather Maxwell, James Maxwell to Jason Wiler, one lot, $175,000.

Carmen Canan, Jonathan Canan to Angela Baker, Angela Sloan, two part lots, $0.


Ray Kimmel to Debra Clason, William Clason, one lot, $81,000.

Jared Rogers to Tyler Lynch, two lots, $75,000.


Douglas Miller, Sandra Miller to Tyler Lane, a part lot, $76,000.


Terri Rhoden to Eric Jameson, two lots, $200,000.

Carriage Trails at the Heights, Dec Land Co. I LLC to Inverness Group Inc., two lots, $62,000.

Carriage Trails at the Heights, Dec Land Co. I LLC to Inverness Group Inc., two lots, $70,000.

Carriage Trails at the Heights, Dec Land Co. I LLC to Inverness Group Inc., two lots, $66,000.

Douglas Garber, Kristina Garber to Marion Huggins Jr., Patricia Huggins, two lots, $325,000.


Estate of Donald Hamann Sr., Donald Hamann Jr. to Clayton Mikesell, Corine Mikesell, one lot, one part lot, $70,000.

Dana Case, Paul Case to Matthew Scott, Nicole Scott, two part lots, $174,000.

Beatrice Newman, Mark Newman to Robert Corrello, two part lots, $160,000.

Cheryl Moran to Kendra McKee, Richard McKee, one lot, $87,500.


Gordan Wells, Lana Wells to Joe Sumpter, Maggie Sumpter, three lots, $19,000.


Bobbe Crabtree, John Cecil Crabtree to Kimberly Crabtree Cecil, one lot, two part lots, $0.

Danny Cecil, Kimberly Crabtree Cecil to John Crabtree, four lots, $0.

Michael Havenar, Tammie Jo Havenar to Adam Evertt, Samuel Everett, $55,000.

Gayle Beard to Richard Beard II, $0.

Estate of Richard Beard II, Roger Luring, trustee to Adam Everett, Samuel Everett, $90,000.

James Caven, Linda Caven to Thomas Caven, 81.141 acres, $240,000.


Melissa Pour, Stephen Pour to Richard Pour, successor co-trustee, Stephen Pour, successor co-trustee, Pour Trust, 0.871 acres, $0.

Richard Pour, successor co-trustee, Stephen Pour, successor co-trustee, Pour Trust to Harlow Builders Inc., $868,600.

Melissa Pour, Stephen Pour to Melissa Pour, Stephen Pour, 10.308 acres, $0.

Ronald Bevington, successor, Bevington Family Trust to Ronald Bevington Family Trust, $0.

Ronald Bevington, successor to Bevington Family Trust to Deborah Edmiston Living Trust, one lot, $0.

Judith McKitrick to Chris Byrer, Terri Byrer, one lot, $176,900.

Nancy Shaw, Stanley Shaw to Pamela Looker, trustee, Shaw Preservation Trust, $0.


Jay Nickell, Jim Nickell to Bethany Huelsman, Douglas Huelsman, 10.250 acres, $340,000.


Eric Carberry, Samantha Carberry to Cory Carmichael, 0.861 acres, $171,500.


Richard Doll, Sharon Doll to Amanda Ford, Kevin Ford, one lot, $232,500.

Roberta Bourelle, Ronald Bourelle to Anthony Harrison, Maura Harrison, one lot, $203,000.

Bradley Madewell to Rosalie Berryhill, one lot, $87,900.


Marla Simon Boon, aka Marla Beyke to Bo Landess, Jenna Landess, $321,000.

Catherine Duff, Michael Duff to Travis Duff, trustee, Duff Preservation Trust, $0.

Marsha Elliot, Steven Elliot to Joyce Grilliot, Thomas Grilliot, 1.59 acres, $40,000.

Lori Denison, Raymond Denison to Lori Denison, co-trustee, Raymond Denison, co-trustee, Denison Family Revocable Living Trust, 10.009 acres, $0.


James Wetzel, Kara Wetzel, William Wetzel to Emily Mohler, Kyle Mohler, 10.002 acres, $240,000.


Gloria Riley, Gloria Smith, Jeffrey Smith to Gloria Smith, Jeffrey Smith, 3.363 acres, 1.250 acres, $0.

Daniel Jacob, Elizabeth Jacob to Michael Bernard, Susan Bernard, one lot, $192,000.

Scott Investments of Troy to Bashiruddin Yaqub, Brandi Yaqub, one lot, $250,000.


Donna Deweese Declaration of Trust, Michael Deweese Declaration of Trust to Deweese Joint Revocable Living Trust, 3.616 acres, $0.

Dawn Vanmartre to Raymond Moorman, 0.717 acres, $22,000.


Cheryl Reichman to Triple K Farm, 50.114 acres, $502,000.


Estate of Samantha Freels, Anthony Freels, executor to Anthony Freels, Bradley Freels, Lucas Freels, 2.0 acres, $0.

Stefanko Properties LLC to Jacob Albaugh to Katie Laycock, one lot, $137,000.