Marriage licenses

Derrick Brenton Buckner, 42, of 5221 Deergate Drive, Tipp City to JoAnn Stacy, 50, of same address.

Jonathan Michael Hampton, 25, of 709 Willard Street, Piqua to Kami Lee Bryant, 26, of same address.

Jill Marie Sellman, 35, of 10810 N. Patterson Road, Piqua to Jennifer Lynn Deubner, 36, of same address.

Lisa Nicole Meyer, 31, of 9260 Shroyer Drive, Tipp City to James Carl Marlow, 32, of same address.

Ian Cory Heinle, 26, of 1026 W. North, Piqua to Ashley Michelle Cameron, 24, of 50 Conway Drive, London, Ontario.

Alan Ray Thompson, 21, of 350 N. Sayers Road, Troy to Mary Elizabeth Green, 19, of 1100 Canal, Troy.

Lauren Nicole Staley, 22, of 1912 River Run Trail, Fort Wayne, Ind. to Nathan Allen Brune, 23, of same address.

Paul Fissle Haver III, 26, of 838 W. Water Street, Piqua to Brittany Victoria Michelle Lee, 23, of same address.

Abigail Elizabeth Millhouse, 23, of 232 E. Walnut Street, Covington to Aaron Christopher Shively, 29, of same address.

Michael Aaron Richardson, 50, of 374 Miles Avenue, Tipp City to Tami Carroll More, 50, of same address.

Taylor Lorelle Rittenhouse, 23, of 3830 Redmond Road, Russia to Jacob Henry Hoying, 22, of 2734 Fairview Court, Troy.

Mindy Sue Fogt LaBreck, 42, of 7483 Winding Way, Tipp City to Stacey Ann LaBreck, 49, of same address.