Miami County Real Estate Transactions


Estate of David Hufford, Robert Jones, co-executor, Kathy Larsh to Cynthia Lykins, two lots, $40,000.

Linda Staley to DLM Real Property LLC, one lot, $22,000.

Melissa Basil, co-executor, Estate of Steven Estes, Chad Estes, co-executor, to Eric Baumann, Jeri Ann Baumann, one lot, $16,000.

Diane Barga, Diane Harbison, William Harbison to Monte Godfrey, one lot, $75,000.

Fifth Third Bank, successor, Hartzell-Norris Charitable Trust, Piqua National Bank and Trust Company to Board of Education of the Upper Valley Career Center School District, one lot, $0.

CR Properties 2015 LLC, Lucille Waugh, to Jeremy Waugh, Lucille Waugh, two lots, $28,500.

Gary Jones, Jean Johns to Ling Mao, one lot, $220,600.

Everett Cromwell to Edith Mills, $0.

Cindy Alspaugh, Helen Brandt, Miami County Sheriff Charles Cox to Registered Holders of First Franklin Mortgage, Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., trustee, two lots, $30,000.

Miami County Sheriff’s Office Charles Cox, Nancy Hayes, to Lance Lamphar, two lots, $42,100.

Joshua Farrier to Fifth Third Mortgage Company, one lot, $34,000.

Charlene Weyant to Federal National Mortgage Association, one lot, $20,000.

U.S. Bank N.A., to Ryan Havenar, one lot, $0.

Strein LLC to Ram Rentals, Ben Shuman, one lot, $0.


Rebecca Haines, Rebecca Wyan, William Wyan to William Wyan, one lot, $24,000.

Yvonne Patty to Green Tree Development LLC, 13 lots, $0.

Yvonne Patty to Mary Reck, one lot, $23,000.


Randy Kress, Rita Kress, Ronald Kress, Terri Kress to Jessie Milligan, Bonita Seitz, one lot, $18,000.

Barbara Myers, David Myers to John Elliott, Patricia Elliott, one lot, $104,000.


Deborah Sandlin, Kenneth Sandlin to Deborah Sandlin, Kenneth Sandlin, two lots, $0.


Jason Brueshaber, Melissa Brueshaber, Melissa Schieltz to Christina Delk, Mitchell, one lot, $74,000.


Amy Jackson, David Jackson to Phillip Stoner, three lots, $69,000.

Candy Lavy, Paul Lavy to Donna WIrz, Leonard Wirz, one lot, $35,000.


Miami County Sheriff’s Office Charles Cox, Larry Elam, Patricia Elam to Amy Zink, Chad Zink, one lot, $164,100.

Robert Peters, Teresa Peters to Charles Jergens, 15.003 acres, $0.

Cynthia Adams, Robert Adams to Cynthia Adams, Robert Adams, one lot, $0.

Virginia Isham Revocable Living Trust, Virginia Isham, trustee to Constance Cochran, one lot, $0.

Christy Shanklin, Larry Shanklin to Christy Shanklin Revocable Living Trust, Christy Shaklin, trustee, 10.129 acres, $0.


Donna Thompson, Junior Thompson to Chadwick Thompson, one lot, $180,000.

Jeffrey Henson, Jillann Henson to David Arbogast, Linda Arbogast, 0.793 acres, $5,000.

Elwood Goodwin, Ruth Goodwin to Tonya Perrin, one lot, $182,900.

Raeann Davis, Ronald Davis to Dale Schaefer, Grace Schaefer, 0.962 acres, $187,000.

David Bollheimer to David S. Bollheimer, trustee, Bollheimer Revocable Living Trust, $0.

Scott Investments of Troy LLC to Amy Gerlach, John Gerlach, one lot, $443,100.

Kristina Enz, Michael Enz to Heather White, Matthew White, 1.857 acres, $215,000.

Thomas Spayde, Tricia Spayde to Hollie Danis, Joshua Danis, one lot, $119,000.


Linda Catlin to Linda Catlin Trust, Linda Catlin, trustee, $0.

LSFS Master Participation Trust, U.S. Bank, N.A., trustee to Juan Andres, 0.928 acres, $88,100.


Marilynn Berry, trustee to Steven Adam, Victoria Adam, 12.7155 acres, $0.

Marilyn Berry, trustee to Samuel Sneed, $213,500.

Marilynn Berry, trustee, to Brian Cenky, Constance Cenky, 11.9711 acres, $55,500.

Marilynn Berry, trustee to Alexander Adam, 67.271 acres, $344,400.

Marilynn Berry, trustee, to Marilynn Berry Revocable Trust Agreement, 31.1872 acres, $0.


Linda Miller, Terry Miller to Danya Gioello, one lot, $120,000.

Michele Moore to Donald Moore, 3.940 acres, $0.

Darlene Brewer, Rollie Brewer to James Seifman, 2.788 acre, 2.213 acres, $185,000.


Beth McMillion, Raymond McMillion II to Beth McMillion Irrevocable Trust, U.S. Bank, N.A., trustee, 77.077 acres, $0.

Beth McMillion, Raymond McMillion II to Beth McMillion Irrevocable Trust, U.S. Bank, N.A., trustee, 74.881 acres, $0.

National Bank and Trust Company, Peoples Bank N.A., successor, Community Property Group Covington Ltd., $125,000.

Cynthia Godfrey, Monte Godfreyt o Jason Holscher, 2.0 acres, $90,000.

Douglas Richard, Michelle Richard to Michelle Walz, 0.6063 acres, 0.763 acre, $85,000.


Julie Trucksis, Richard Trucksis to Brian Brubaker, 2.037 acres, $0.


Miami County Sheriff Charles Cox, Angela Wysong, Kasey Wysong to BAC Home Loans, Bank of America, N.A., successor, Countrywide Home Loans Servicing, one lot, $105,000.