Restaurant inspections

Restaurant inspections are performed in the county by Miami County Public Health, except in Piqua, which has its own health department. Miami County Public Health can be reached at (937) 573-3500, by email at or on the website at These inspection reports were provided by Miami County Public Health.

Oct. 26

David L. Brown Youth Center, 291 S. Children’s Home Road, Troy — Chlorine test strips not available to test sanitizing solution. Please obtain.

Logan’s Roadhouse, 1750 W. Main St., Troy — Critical violation at time of inspection: Observed sliced tomatoes and cheese above 41 degrees Fahrenheit on prep table. TCS foods must be kept below 41 degrees to prevent germ growth. Refrigerator handles observed with food debris. Clean after use. All utensils stored at room must be cleaned every four hours. Observed trash and food debris on ground in dumpster area. Clean more often.

Oct. 27

Al’s Pizza, 13 Weston Road, Troy — Observed some areas on floor that need regrouted. Grout properly. Ensure all parts of slicer is cleaned. Observed food residual on parts and sections of slicer. Clean oven conveyor belt area when needed. Observed burnt residual.

Cavens Meats Inc., 7850 U.S. Route 36, Conover — Establishment good at time of inspection.

Residence Inn, 87 Troy Towne Road, Troy — Food service great at time of inspection.

Oct. 28

Cassanos, 1201 Experiment Farm Road, Troy — Back door has light coming through bottom of the door. Make door weathertight. Ensure the cement floor is properly sealed, so the floor is cleanable.

Piqua Country Club, 9812 Country Club Road, Piqua — Fix water leak under prep sink. Manager/chef said it is being worked on. Walk-in cooler surface walls are not a smooth and easily cleanable surface. Resurface dull wall and ceiling surfaces.

Provided by the Piqua Health Department

Oct. 27

Z’s Food and Spirits, 319 N. Wayne St., Piqua — Observed working containers of bulk foods without labels. All food items that are not in their original container and are not unmistakable must be labeled to prevent misuse.

Date all ready-to-eat, temperature-controlled foods with date, i.e., sour cream, cold meat, lettuce, cut tomatoes, etc. Discard after seven days.

Upright two-d0or refrigerator keeping food above 41 degrees: Ranch at 46 degrees; blue cheese, 46 degrees; ham at 48 degrees. Keep all TCS foods below 41 degrees at all times to prevent bacterial growth. Items moved to different one.

Oct 29

Burger King, 1408 Covington Ave., Piqua — The lid to hamburger freezer has been damaged. Replace. New part has been ordered.

The following items need to be cleaned: hot holding shelves, area by fryer and ceiling tiles.

Charles Caserta Restaurant, 331 S. Roosevelt Ave., Piqua — Observed cut tomatoes, slaw, potato salad with no dates. Must mark all ready-to-eat TCS foods with date opened or prepared. Must discard any remaining food after seven days.

The hood in need of cleaning.

Oct. 30

Subway No. 27371, 1300 E. Ash St., Piqua — Satisfactory at time of inspection.

Piqua Manor, 1840 W. High St., Piqua — Provide a thin-tipped metal stem thermometer so food temperatures can be effectively monitored.

Racks were in front of hand sink. Do not put items in front of hand sink so it can be used as needed. Corrected.

Nov. 2

Susie’s Big Dipper, 323 N. Main St., Piqua — Satisfactory at time of inspection.

Nov. 3

Buffalo Wings and Rings, 989 E. Ash St., Piqua — Observed food employee change gloves without washing hands. Hands must be washed before putting on clean gloves.

The following items need cleaning — Ice machine interior, can opener, food containers.

There were no paper towels at 2 hand sinks. Keep paper towels at hand sinks at all times so hands can be washed. Corrected.

Washington Primary, 800 N. Sunset Drive, Piqua — Satisfactory at time of inspection.

Wendy’s Old Fashioned Hamburgers, 1221 E. Ash St., Piqua — Chili being held at 126 degrees. Keep all TCS foods above 135 degrees to prevent bacterial growth. Item was returned to holding to be re-heated.

Food employee was not properly washing, rinsing and sanitizing equipment. Not rinsing or properly sanitizing. Wash with soapy water, rinse with clean water and completely submerge in sanitizer.

The microwave interior needed cleaning.